3 of the biggest wedding worries SOLVED!

8 September 2019

*This post was written by a contributor*

If you’ve recently got engaged, your mind will naturally have started to plan the wedding already.

It’s at this point that many brides-to-be find themselves pausing. Of course, they’re excited about marrying the love of their life, but weddings don’t actually have the best reputation. We’ve all heard stories about the many difficulties couples face when it comes to their wedding, so it’s natural to feel a little concerned.

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However, planning a wedding should be as much of a joy as the marriage itself. So, we’ve looked into the three major worries brides-to-be will experience, and we’ll try to reassure you a little

1) The potential for drama!

Over the years, countless TV shows have depicted weddings as a major source of dramawhether it’s reality shows where guests have a meltdown, or sitcoms where a wedding day brings another major storyline into the mix; the trend has been done. However, reality TV shows are usually staged, and fictionalized TV shows like to use weddings because they provide an opportunity to bring multiple characters together, not because weddings are somehow inherently dramatic. The vast majority of real weddings pass with nothing but happiness and shared joy with friends and family coming together to celebrate the occasion, so try not to worry too much about this particular issue!

2) The cost of the day!

Weddings have a reputation for being extremely expensive, which will obviously worry couples. However, while the big budget weddings may capture the headlines, the simple truth is that there’s no need to spend more than you feel comfortable with; you can look for wedding dresses that won't break the bank, choose a smaller venue and guest list, skip the pricier entertainment options, make your own decorations and you’ll still be able to create an absolute dream of a day. Really, societal pressure is responsible for the idea that weddings must be big and elaborate. You and your partner should just ignore this and go with whatever makes you both happy, because that’s what really matters.

3) Guest list upsets!

Visit any wedding forum and it won’t be long before you find a thread about guest list upsets. It might be that a relative has not been invited and is now kicking up a fuss; there may be complaints from guests who cannot attend a destination wedding, or guests taking issue with the fact the couple have chosen a “child free” weddingthe list is almost endless, and is enough to make any couple worry about how their own friends and family will react to their own choices. However, most of these issues can be avoided with effective communication. Reach out to everyone on your guest list before you send invites, explaining why you have chosen to do things in a certain way (for example, you’ve cut down the guest list to keep costs low) and asking for their understanding. If everything is explained upfront, there’s no room for potential misinterpretations or upsets, and any potential issues can be ironed out before they become problematic.

Now that the above worries are hopefully eased for you, planning your wedding should be a truly wonderful experience. Have a magical day!

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