Monday, 15 July 2019

How, What, Where and When? with Sophie Cameron, on 'Last Bus to Everland'!

I am thrilled to welcome the lovely author queen Sophie Cameron back to the blog, this time for the new series How, What, Where and When

Sophie’s debut novel ‘Out of the Blue’ captured my heart, and now her second has been released, ‘Last Bus to Everland’ and, folks… it’s pretty epic. 

Monday, 8 July 2019

It's totally fine.

My brain is fine. 

The scanxiety came on strong recently; it always does around this time of year, because April/May/June is when I always seem to get sick. I was both depressed and stressed for the 10 days between scan and consultation with my wonderful neurosurgeon, partly due to the aforementioned Time of Year Fear, but also because before the scan I’d got blood test results over the phone from my GP, that my endocrinologist had requested after our last appointment, and they indicated my Cortisol (stress hormone) levels were high, and my Thyroxine (thyroid hormone) was normal BUT working really quite hard to be normal. After I got these results, I hung up the phone and immediately dropped into an old familiar resigned state; the ‘something’s wrong, they don’t know what yet, but it’s definitely something bad’ vibe.

But, no. My brain is fine. 

(Photo: Rebecca Brooker; jumpsuit gifted from JOY)

Friday, 5 July 2019

How, What, Where and When? with Valentina, aka Occhi Ovunque.

I am so thrilled to be branching out a little in my new How, What, Where and When series, and have got an absolute star answering my questions in this post. If you haven’t caught up with the others yet, you can find them all HERE!

Today's interviewee is the lovely Valentina, aka Occhi Ovunque, the magical Italian illustrator. She works freelance illustrating and writing from her holiday house on the Amalfi Coast. She tells me (via email) that in Italian, 'Occhi Ovunque' means 'eyes everywhere', and is the name of her curious Pomeranian that becomes a sweet fox in her drawings and stories. 

Occhi Ovunque is also the name of Valentina's blog, a space where she mixes illustrations with recipes and tales of gastronomic adventures. 

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