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I’m Grace. I started this blog back in 2010, between lessons at college, probably when I should have been doing my English Lit coursework. I was a bag of feelings back then (well, not much has changed) and desperately needed somewhere to put all my teenage angst, self confidence wobbles and romantic woes. I’d scribble things down in one of my many notebooks that I’d keep in my oversized, heavily pin-badged satchel, but then I’d never feel like they’d gone anywhere. I was literally lugging them all around with me. So I made myself a little online space where I could get it all out, and set it all free.

Photo: Erin Veness

Nearly a decade later, and I’ve got more than I ever expected from this not-so-little space. I’ve somehow racked up more than 600K views, got a few paid jobs on here and my social media channels (@_gracelatter on Twitter and Insta, thegracelatter on Facebook; simply tap the icons on your top right!), some casual enquiries from literary agents/publishers, and a whole gang of like-minded friends. But most importantly, this blog is still a huge help with my mental health, and I still feel happy and safe pouring my feelings into posts.

I’ve been through a lot in my life since the blog’s beginning, too. I got my A Levels, a BA in Drama and Creative Writing, and masses of experience in several different areas of work; I bagged an award for my work as a barista, got a good footing in the book world, and learned all about the magic of crystals.

I was also diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014, and after 4 years of drama that included two surgeries, plus radiotherapy and a little reconstruction, I am now living happily with some of its remains. But because all that obviously wasn’t enough for my very dramatic body, I had to have two bowel surgeries in 2017, 5 weeks apart. Do I regret any of it? No. Because it not only changed my perspective on life for the better, it also brought me the most immense love for and confidence within my body; I’m big into the Body Positivity movement, and have somehow become an underwear model and influencer because of that positivity I have... and my very distinct ‘look’.

Speaking of ‘looks’, I now have a shaved head and a whole heap of tattoos. The former was done to raise money The Brain Tumour Charity and Counselling Plus, Hastings, and I’ve kept it buzzed short because it gives me the most awesome confidence; the latter is a way of me reclaiming my body and expressing myself on my own terms, after so many years of not having complete control.

Okay, let’s see, what else… I have been involved in some amazing projects, such as Sophie Mayanne’s Behind the Scars and Dove’s Project #SHOWUS.

In the past few years, I have become passionate about living a positive vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle. I’ll write (and rant) about our gorgeous planet and its crops and creatures til the cows come home (literally). More passions of mine include: jewellery, crystals, coffee, cats, Strictly Come Dancing, books, skin care, scars, diversity, inclusiveness, feminism, drag, LGBTQ+ representation, and self care, in its many forms.

For more obscure facts about me, I’ll refer you to my most irregular and very unimaginatively named FACTS series! And please do shoot me an email, if you fancy working together.

Welcome to my happy space. Let’s get weird.


  1. Have just read your article in today's Guardian re the lack of info for shielders as and when the covid vaccine is rolled out. Please don't think I am being flippant or disingenuous but I am more than happy for you to receive my dose instead. I am just over 70 years of age and definitely not an anti-vaxxer, but more than willing to defer to more deserving people such as yourself. Could this be arranged do you think?

    1. Hey Annie!

      It's so kind of you to reach out; thank you for reading my article. I'm not sure if you are able to 'pass on' your vaccination, but maybe look it up on the gov's Covid page? Or you could always ask your GP!

      Have a lovely day. x


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