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Hey, did you lovely readers know I do social media management?

I have a BA in Drama and Creative Writing, and ten years of blogging and social media experience. I also have a few internships in editorial and publicity under my belt, with reputable publishing houses and prints such as Walker Books and The Times Magazine. I’ve done a lot of copywriting work online and am regularly asked to give quotes, write guest blog posts or do social media takeovers for charities, magazines and fashion brands. 

I started managing social media for businesses back in 2015, and these days I mostly work with small, local businesses. I love helping them get their work out there and bring in more customers, clients, or fans. I’ve helped each of them with things like rebranding, a few new projects, and even a couple of crowdfund campaigns. I check in with the bosses/founders regularly, take meetings with potential contacts or collaborators whenever possible, and do regular content photography to keep the social platforms looking fresh. 

I offer bespoke services to suit you. I can help you grow your following, create a community and reach your goals – whether that’s getting into the next 1,000 follower bracket, hitting £20,000 on your crowdfunder, or finding the perfect theme for your grid on the ‘gram. Rest assured, I don’t just take your passwords and disappear; I form relationships with everyone I work with, dive in and get to know the business, and take time to figure out the right voice for each of your platforms. 

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