Monday, 20 November 2017

Grace's Great Voyage Down Under, Week 1: A mess of moments.

G’day. Please excuse the horrendously OTT title I conjured up for this…series? Yes, I am dubbing it a ‘series’, albeit very cautiously and optimistically.

I’m not a travel blogger. You guys know that. I have serious respect and adoration for those humans – the ones who brave the endless expenses and annoyances of journeying around the world and in doing so try new things, push their limits and explore new territories they may never have considered visiting before…and take plenty of photos and notes throughout these mad ventures, to then pour into their online platform for all to read. As if the act of travelling wasn’t busy and baffling enough, these guys actually write reviews, compile lists and recommend countries/cities/towns/hotels/restaurants and much more, all for their readers. So much love and respect for that, y’know?

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Recent Reads #7: the strongest voices.

Whoa, another Recent Reads within a month? Madness. As I said in the last post, I'm on a roll with reading at present, and coincidentally a lot of excellent books have been coming my way lately.

The books mentioned in this post are just a few of the ones I had sent to me recently, and I ran them through my usual 'test' of sorts (read the first couple dozen pages, wait to be hooked in by the story or the characters, or hopefully both), and while loads have been good, these few stories were told through the best voices. 

(Photo taken outside Camilla's Books, Eastbourne, by a very handsome bookworm.)

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Leaving on a jet plane...I think.

I’ve ruined a lot of things, for a lot of people, in the past few years. I’ve broken hearts by recommending devastating (‘in a good way’) books, I once hinted a little too heavily about the twist in a particular film, I told a few close friends the shocking secrets behind Starbucks’ coffee gleaning process…I’ve even done that glass-shattering ‘spoiler alert’ thing a few times when I’ve pointed out to others a person’s distinct quirks (e.g. ‘he talks with his hands’, ‘they say ‘totally’ a lot’).

However, I’d say the biggest and worst thing I’ve ruined, multiple times in recent years, has been my family’s holidays.

 (Photo: Erin Veness)

Friday, 3 November 2017


Hi, my name's Grace. I also answer to Gracie.

'Sass' and 'savage' are two of my favourite words at the moment, nobody makes me laugh as much as I do, that pot of mango chia seed mix topped with coconut shavings you can get at EAT is my latest bizarrely specific foodie obsession, someday I want to live in a totally different European city, I've fancied Reggie Yates since his days on DIGGIT, I actually love travelling by train, I eat eggs almost every day and they're the only thing stopping me from being 'full vegan', I really appreciate a good pun, my new little convertible laptop is my baby and his name is Kirk, I passionately believe that American dramas and sitcoms should only be permitted to run for max 5 series, I'm having plastic surgery next year, I've realised I look better and feel sexier with this extra chub on my hips, crunchy peanut butter is the best kind, I used to do these posts once a month, then whenever I remembered to, now whenever I feel like it.  Today I am lecturing First Year Creative Writing students about blogging and in 8 days I'm flying away to the other side of the world, all by myself, for 8 weeks - it's actually happening, at last - and my 2018 is already looking pretty f*cking amazing. 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Those I've lost.

I have lost a lot of things in my life.

I'm always losing jewellery because I fiddle with my rings in anxious absent moments (or when I'm focusing extra hard) and when I'm running late for something, I drop my mismatched earrings in pockets to put in later.

I've lost bigger things, too. Bits of my lower bowels, my appendix, most of the strength in my immune system and just my general sense of optimism about my general health. I tap wood now when someone asks me if I'm alright, and I only ever say 'everything seems fine', or 'all good...for now' before rapping the table my coffee sits on, making the black surface ripple and little spoon clatter against the plate.

(Photo: Erin Veness)

Monday, 23 October 2017

Recent Reads #6: Something a bit different.

I've had a whole lot of book mail in the last few weeks, guys. I've also gone a bit nuts spending in bookshops, after months of being so good and abstaining...oops.
And despite my reading schedule, which is still on the Harry Potter re-read (I'm up to 'Goblet of Fire' and the feels are intense), I've managed to deviate slightly and get some others in there recently...

'Undercover Princess', the first in 'The Rosewood Chronicles' series, is the kind of book I loved and yearned for as a teen – and yet I am also totally content now, reading it as an young adult. The writing style is so beautifully descriptive, and the characters are precious. Also, kind of irrelevant but I love Connie Glynn, aka Noodlerella's Instagram insane amounts.

2 girls are put together in a dorm room at the prestigious Rosewood Hall school; one is a princess yearning for an ordinary life, one is quite ordinary but dreams of being a princess. They soon swap identities, and that turns out to be a recipe for disaster...

Published 2nd November, with Penguin.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Strange bruise & sad feels. (unedited)

I don't know why I was so nervous to book the appointment. It definitely wasn't because I was booking using my GP surgery's new online service for the first time; I was actually stupidly excited to not have to communicate with the ever-chirpy but worringly nasal-sounding receptionists over the phone. Having said that, I managed to book 5 appointments instead of the 1...
They asked me to add a reason for the General Appointment. It was 'required'. I hesitantly typed 'strange bruise & sad feels'.

(Photo: Erin Veness)

Friday, 20 October 2017

No Virgin / No Shame, Anne Cassidy.

Oh hey, welcome to my stop on the blog tour for 'No Shame', the latest novel from Anne Cassidy published with Hot Key books! 

So, as you all know, I was recently galavanting around Europe (okay, just popping in and out of two particular cities) and so I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear (/read) that I did a lot of...reading!
Plane journeys are perfect for tackling the TBR pile, let me tell you. I kept on track with my current reading schedule (the bewitching re-read) and had the whole flight home from Berlin to dive into – and devour – this truly unique book. 

'No Shame' is the story of Stacey Woods (who we readers may have met in Anne's book 'No Virgin') and her fight for justice after being raped 9 months ago. This fight involves facing her attacker, and his family, in court before a judge and a jury. It's her word against his, and sadly that's not a good situation for a young woman to be in.

The story twists and turns, but the dark themes are constant and undeniable. The tension and hurt is intense. At times while reading, I found myself wobbling considerably and desperately turning the pages, hoping hard for Stacey.

I was so delighted to procure a fantastic piece from Anne Cassidy, about the importance of moral ambiguity in teenage and young adult fiction. 
Read on...

Sunday, 15 October 2017

'A Woman of No Importance', 11/10/2017: A Review.

On Wednesday 11th October, I went to see 'A Woman of No Importance' at the Vaudeville, performed by Classic Spring, a new theatre company founded by Dominic Dromgoole (former Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre) who also directed this production. 

The show is the first in the company's Oscar Wilde season, revolving around his four great Victorian plays which shocked and redefined British theatre, and still resonate and refresh today.


"An earnest young American woman, a louche English lord, and an innocent young chap join a house party of fin de siècle fools and grotesques. Nearby a woman lives, cradling a long buried secret. Wilde’s marriage of glittering wit and Ibsenite drama create a vivid new theatrical voice."
(source: From the Box Office.) 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

I love sex. And what?

If you follow me on social media, or read this blog regularly, or have ever got a coffee with me IRL, you'll know that I cannot not talk about sex. Why? Because I love it, quite a bit.

But when did I start loving it?
Well, to be honest, I think I always did. Even at a young age, even before I started having it, I loved the mere idea of it. That humans could do this amazing thing – they could strip down and cuddle up and make magic happen between them. At 13 years old, that seemed totally, like, mental to me... 

Photo: Erin Veness @ms_veness /

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Books Are My Bag 2017: #BookshopDay

Yesterday, Saturday the 7th of October, was the legendary Books Are My Bag's national holiday, Bookshop Day!

Book currently in your #BAMB bag?

Up until yesterday, it was 'It Only Happens in the Movies' by Holly Bourne. I finished it last night before bed! And now I'm dipping back into my Adrian Mole double feature, just for some light retro humour before I return to Hogwarts.

Favourite bookshop?

I will always love Waterstones in Brighton, and Tottenham Court Road. And of course there's no denying that Piccadilly is an institution – no, a city! 

My local indie shop is Hare & Hawthorn Bindery & Bookshop, in Hastings old town. I've only been in there a couple of times, but would definitely recommend it to any book-loving visitors to the Sussex seaside. 
Same with The Rye Bookshop; I bloody loved covering in there (and meeting the mad mix of customers) on a quiet Sunday morning when I was a bookseller. 

Friday, 6 October 2017

30 Days Grace; September.

September always feels strange, these days. I think because even after 3 years out of education, I still get that 'back to school' instinct when autumn kicks in and I have nowhere to put the feeling, nothing to satisfy the craving for leaves to turn over. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

All About...Lisa! ; an interview with Lisa Williamson.

The beautiful Lisa Williamson is an astonishing UKYA author known for her debut 'The Art of Being Normal', and now her second novel, 'All About Mia'! 

This story is all about, well...Mia! The middle child in a pretty unique - and wildly successful - family. She has a big sis bound for the very best higher education, and a younger sister literally making waves as an athlete. What does she have, though? What does she do? She's not quite sure. 
Then one day, her academic superstar of a sister comes home with a surprise. One that might just change her perfect rep, and tip the scales in their home...

A post shared by Lisa Williamson (@lisawilliamsonauthor) on

Hi, lovely Lisa! Thanks for chatting with me about your excellent second book. Let's dive in and look at the characters first...

Mia worried she didn't have 'a thing'. That she didn't have a unique
talent at something, like her sisters did. What was *your* thing, growing

I differ a bit from Mia in that I was into quite a few things growing up. I wanted to be an actor so naturally I was really into drama and performed with the school drama club and various local amateur dramatics companies. I also danced once per week (jazz, disco and tap!) and was really into History (it was my very favourite subject at school)
and watching old Hollywood musicals.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Inkings.

If you'd told me a decade or so ago that I'd someday be sitting in an indie cafe with a tab set up behind the bar, writing blog posts and managing social media as a job and invoicing publishers for a week of events...well, that was my dream, actually. So I'd have been very happy. But then, if you'd added 'you have a shit ton of piercings, pockets full of crystals, and a whole lot of ink covering your skin'? I'd have snapped my fingers at you and said 'you almost had me!'

I've written before about my body being a map of me. It's covered in marks and memories, both deliberate and unplanned. Scars and ink mingle on my surface, and while some scars go deeper, the latter is my way of redecorating and reclaiming. I've written about that before too; described each inking and their individual importance.

But that latter blog post actually was published in March 2016, when I had 7 tattoos and had booked 1 more in...I now have 12. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What I'll be reading in September 2017...

The excellent Bex recently posted about reading schedules and their positive/negative effects on an individual.
I of course related to the post and each excellent point within it. I've never actually sat down and mapped out all my TBRs properly before 2017 began – and I only elected to do it really, just to see if I could. To see if it would help me sift through my piles of neglected reads as well as the ones I 'need' to look at for upcoming blog posts. Also a major plus about the prospect of a schedule was just the fact that I could say 'I can't read [book I don't fancy], I'm actually on a strict reading regime this month'! 

So far this year, making a list each month has really helped me and my reading. I mean yes, I have had a few moments when I've come round to the next in the list and thought 'aww, I don't wanna', but for the most part it's been really good having plans!
I kinda can't believe that I've managed to (mostly) stick to my schedule for 9 whole months now. Good work, me. Don't f*ck it up! 

On that note, let's look at my September reading plans, shall we...?

Friday, 8 September 2017

The tweets I do not favourite.

I've been on Twitter since 2009. I used to text-tweet from under the desk in Sociology classes. I fixed it so I got automated text messages sent to me when the guy I liked tweeted. My original username was @beautblues, because that one friend that one time complimented my blue eyes, said they were beautiful in fact, and I was like 'k, that's my thing now'. *Rolls the beautiful blue eyes* 

Over the years, Twitter has seen the best and worst of me. I've made excellent mutual follow friends , and blocked my sworn enemies. I've flirted and I've sassed; I still screenshot compliments and 'like' link shares to save them for later reading. My current cover photo on Facey B is one of my best tweets (imo). 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

'Tangleweed and Brine' : A Guest Post

'Tangleweed and Brine' is the latest novel from the bewitching Deirdre Sullivan. I read (and blogged about) her painfully stunning YA 'Needlework' this time last year, and some of her perfectly pieced together paragraphs within that story of a hideously abused young woman, fighting demons and yearning for a new life spent making art on others' skin, still sit in the corners of my mind to this day.

This gorgeous new hardback is 'A collection of twelve dark, feminist retellings of traditional fairytales are given a witchy makeover, not for the faint-hearted, from one of Ireland's leading writers for young people. You make candles from stubs of other candles. You like light in your room to read. Gillian wants thick warm yellow fabric, soft as butter. Lila prefers cold. All icy blues. Their dresses made to measure. No expense spared. And dancing slippers. One night's wear and out the door like ash. You can't even borrow their cast-offs. You wear a pair of boots got from a child. Of sturdy stuff, that keeps the water out and gets you around' (so says Goodreads).

Friday, 1 September 2017

31 Days Grace: August.

Let me start by expressing my intense awareness of the fact that for my August wrap-up main post photo, I've gone with one of me. I usually will slap the month's name over the top of a fairly nondescript background; in previous posts I've used cafe walls, a busy bridge in Berlin, flowers on the pavement at my feet. 
A couple of my faves have been: the ceramic pot a good friend made me, and my family's backs retreating on the seafrontI find calm and clear works best; something flat for the text to overlap and stand out against. 

However, this month I've made myself the main feature. Because August began, as it always does, with my birthday, it ended on a massive high, and throughout the month I was loving and celebrating the messy masterpiece that is me far more than I have in the recent past. 

This photo is part of the perfect set taken of me by the flawless Faby & Carlo, for my newest baes (and workplace!) Scarlet Ladies' stunning, important campaign, I Talk Sex

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Rapid Fire Book tag.

Another bookish tag post! Such fun. Thanks for tagging me, lovely Jess
Well, I'd do more of an intro but as the tag title suggests, this is a quickie! Let's get to it...

E-book or physical book?

Physical book. Always.

Paperback or hardback?

Paperbacks are cheaper and easier to carry around, however if a book is really special (or I just can't wait til the paperback of a new release comes out) I'll go hard.

I recently bought the special hardback edition of 'Milk and Honey', by Rupi Kaur...despite already having the paperback. This was partly because I wanted the updated version with the new (and incredibly moving) foreword, but also because having a hardback of this magnificent poetry collection felt right. 

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Getting ghosted.

So in the winter of 2016, never mind when exactly, I spent the night with a man who shall regrettably remain nameless. All you readers need to know is, vodka was consumed and events transpired. Then the following morning it was rainy outside, foggy in my mind, and kinda obscenely awkward between us. I left his place fairly quickly, because despite the rain and my blurry black cloud of a hangover, I really didn't want to linger in Awksville longer than I had to. 

I think there was a bit of communication in the 2/3 days that followed, but mostly on my end to be honest, all my instigating. Then, weeks later, just when I was wondering if I should stop bothering, we met up and ended up eventually establishing, between tipsy giggles, that we'd be 'well up and totally down for' more adventures of the intimate nature in the near future - just casually, just crashing. Cool. 

Then...he vanished. 

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Recent Reads: Matt Haig's 'How to Stop Time'.

I recently read (as part of my pledge to read exclusively Hyped-Up Hardbacks in the month of July) 'How to Stop Time', the latest fiction from the most excellent Matt Haig. 

The book tells the story of Tom Hazard, a man with a fairly uncommon condition – he grows old v-e-r-y slo-w-w-w-w-w-ly. But I don't mean like, he ages suspiciously well like some celebrities who must have sold their souls or some shit (Keanu Reeves, we're onto you). No I mean like, Tom still looked 18 when he was actually almost 200. 

Friday, 18 August 2017

#iTalkSex, don't you?

In case you didn't know, I talk a lot about sex. On my blog and in person; over coffee, between drinks, even at work sometimes on a slow day. 
I have several WhatsApp convos and ongoing DMs that can get pretty risque – no, not in a sexting way, more like the odd 'check out this hottie [attached pic]' and 'guess what I did/saw/read/dreamt last night', or even 'gimme tips on this'-type chats. 
I've been this way as long as I can remember, but more so in recent years. 
I'm an open book, a trustworthy confidante and a fount of knowledge. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

'Editing Emma' Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the epic, exciting and exceptional 'Editing Emma' blog tour!

I am thrilled to be blogging about this book – and not for the first time, either! I can safely say this YA is going to be one of the 2017's biggest and best. The excellent Chloe Seager has an immeasurable talent for creating characters and writing with a clear voice. Emma explodes out of this book, and I found myself loving and relating to her from very early on in her blogging journey. In fact, she reminded me of the young Grace, sitting in her college library at lunchtime, typing furiously to everyone and no-one when she first set up her blog...but the less said about her, the better.  

Now, Chloe has very kindly written some fabulous words for my blog and you readers. What a babe she is. I think we'll all be applauding and agreeing (albeit reluctantly) with her tales of awkward crushes and let-down dates... 

Monday, 14 August 2017

'Freshers'; my memories and a Floopy review!

My little sis Floop ('Fleur' to some, I guess) is 19 and therefore at 'Fresher age'. However, her educational journey has had many twists and turns, and she is actually about to start her second year of A Levels. She plans to attend university in Australia, our second home. She recently visited our family down under and checked out the uni she wants to go to, so naturally I lent her the hot new YA 'Freshers' for plane reading to get her in the mood and introduce her to the epic writing duo that is Lucy & Tom! 

[What follows is a transcript of me pestering little sis for a mini review. She was on the sofa under a blanket dozing at the time...I think she might have activated her Fresher mode already, tbh] 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

What I'll be reading in August 2017.

Oh hey, August. We're just 2 weeks in and you're already driving me crazy – in good and bad ways. I'm already nervous to write my end of month wrap up, to be honest with you... 

Reading-wise though, dearest August, you're gonna be a treat. I already have cracked the spines of 2 excellent YA novels 'Lola Offline' by Nicola Doherty and 'Another Place' by Matthew Crow, and now I am ready to realign with my 2017 reading schedule – which really is not as thought out or concrete as I'm implying in these posts, oops. 

This month, I have celebrated my 24th birthday. It made me think about all the books I've read in my life, and which ones have stuck with me. Also, which ones would I maybe read again? Like, to see if I love them as much the second time around or give them another chance because I didn't enjoy them the first time?
Well, I have managed to condense a very long list to just these three – although I have a couple of extras stored safely, just in case I devour them too quickly or even give up halfway through one...which is a real danger. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Another Place; a Q&A with Matthew Crow.

Matthew Crow's 'Another Place' (published August 3rd), is his latest novel that follows the beautiful, genre-defying and much-praised 'In Bloom' (2013). 

'Another Place', takes us to a strange and sad seaside town, where one girl is trying to put herself back together, and another girl has gone missing. 

The story centres around sixteen-year-old Claudette Flint, who is released into the care of her dad after a stay in hospital with depression. She is told that to continue getting better she must set small goals for each day, larger ones for each week, and one significant thing to aim for. Meanwhile, the close-knit community of her town seems to be falling apart in the wake of the sudden disappearance of one of her school mates - and secret friend - Sarah. Everyone knew Sarah; and at the same time, nobody knew her at all. But Claudette can understand her in ways that others didn’t. She soon decides what will be her one overarching aim in life: finding Sarah. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Lola Offline

Hello, and welcome to my stop on the 'Lola Offline' blog tour! 

'Delilah Hoover has gone dark. She's quit social media, moved to Paris and changed her name to Lola Maxwell. Because she has made a mistake – one she can't take back. It was all over Twitter, and it's still the first thing that comes up when you Google her...'

This hot new YA tells the story of a teen girl who went viral – and not in a good way. Delilah – oops, I mean Lola – starts her new life in Paris and it's all going smoothly, with the usual amount of awkward moments, alcohol mishaps and crushes a teen experiences. She even gets a perfect kiss...But how long can she keep it up? What if her viral past catches up with her? 

Nicola Doherty has been praised already for her writing, and the authentic teenage voice she portrays. And readers, we are lucky to have some writing tips from her right here, right now! Read on...  

Sunday, 6 August 2017

One of those 'social media detoxes'...

I took an accidental social media break, the other day. 

Well, not really. Let me explain. It was my 24th birthday, and I promise I'm not deliberately being a douchebag when I say...I was nervous about my notifications. Yes, I know, I am bloody lucky (and delighted) to have over 5K followers on Twitter, nearly 2K on Insta and over 1K friends on Facey B (I really must do a clear out on there, though. Bigots posting unfunny dog memes have no place on my news feed tbh). I gained all my followers in 100% above board ways (for some reason you hit a certain number and people start accusing you of buying people/bots?!), and I consider a lot of them friends. In fact, I've found some of my low key soul mates online in recent years.

Friday, 4 August 2017

The Last Word.

    00:50, Thursday 3rd August
    *technically Friday 4th but...
(unedited. Literally a typing up of scribbles that made sense at the time, and are everything I needed to say.)

   I fantasised about giving you a verbal smack down. I even rehearsed my lines. It made my blood bubble and my heart race, just thinking about saying those things, finally, to your face. Watching that permanent smirk you display, dissolve.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

24 things, learned in 24 years.

So, I'm 24 now. Or at least I will be, when this post goes live. I'm writing this the week before my birthday, as it has required a lot of thinking and prepping. I decided back in March that I was going to do something like this, after reading my excellent friend Lauren James' post with 24 useful life tips she'd learned by the age of 24. Well, I am hardly equipped to give practical and super-handy hacks like the brilliant ones she gave out to her readers, but I am definitely in a position to advise on all things emotional and...aspirational? At least, I think so...let's see.

Monday, 31 July 2017

31 Days Grace: July.

Oh, July. You were a funny one. Beautifully hot one week, unpleasantly muggy the next, and then some days you were just grey. I still enjoyed you, though. You were a month of unique situations and new adventures.

I mentioned her departure in the last monthly wrap up; little sis was away for half of July. She returned home with two new tattoos and a shit ton of stories to tell us. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Don't beat around the bush.

** This post features artwork by incredible female body-positive artist badasses.
All names etc. in captions **

There was a time when my friends and I would sit on the steep bank above the school games field, dressed in our summer PE kit of shorts and polo shirts, hair pulled back in elastic bands and our bare legs stretched out in front of us on the grass. We'd compare our leg hair almost weekly, and we'd see how long each of us could leave it before we caved, and shaved. 

At 13, I didn't care. Sure, it sometimes annoyed me that the fairly pale hairs on my shins would often peek out from under my navy tights, but that was the extent of it. Then suddenly, the other girls in my year started shaving, waxing and plucking. 
Why? Well, mostly because they'd heard a fable that boys liked girls with less hair, but also because some mums had told them it was more feminine to be free of fuzz. 
Soon I found myself doing the same - but not for a boy, or because my mum told me to. I did it because every other girl was, and I didn't want to be the only one not. I came home from school one day and asked mama to fetch some hair removal cream for me so I could sit in the bath tub and get rid of every little bit of fluff, which took a bloody long time and sometimes over the years led to me feeling faint due to the hideous smelly fumes that cream would give off. Just to feel...accepted? Ladylike? Normal?! 

Ayqua Khan, 20 year-old Pakistani-American artist, 
who I found via amazing Buzzfeed feature.

Monday, 24 July 2017

The 'Mid-Year Book Freak Out' tag.

Ooh look, another excellent bookish tag that one of my most excellent bookish blogger pals Bex invited me to do! Right, let's crack on and do this. The year is slipping by way too quickly as it is...

Best book you've read so far in 2017?

*panics already and opens Goodreads, checks Reading Challenge*

It's a tie between 'The Loneliest Girl in the Universe' by the mega babe Lauren James, and 'The Princess Saves Herself in this One', a poetry collection by Amanda Lovelace. 

'Loneliest Girl' is perhaps the most surprising YA I've ever read – partly because it does not read like it is publicised...not because the (amazing) press team at Walker haven't done their job correctly, oh no, because they've been extra clever in their marketing. Trust me, read this and you'll be surprised.
As for 'The Princess Saves Herself in this One', that was a badass awakening-type read, the kind I need more of at regular intervals throughout each year. 

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Is blogging dying?

Everyone seems to be saying that blogging is dying, these days. This news is sad, surprising and honestly quite...confusing. When did it begin its decline towards death? Who fired the kill shot? Did all the best URLs run out? Did Blogger and Wordpress finally throw down and battle it out in a back alley, both coming off fatally wounded? Ooh, or did it all kick off when Blogger deleted their app and spurned endless hate from users (still not forgiven them, tbh)?

Oh wait, I actually have an idea about what could have done it. Y'all may not like it, though. I can't help but content the cause of death? 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Dear you, for the last time.

Dear you,

Yes, she's writing about you again. After all these years – tell your friends to play that game they invented, 'spot him in her blog!', as this will be the last time they can. They'd crowd around a laptop in your dingy kitchen, poring over the words, they couldn't get enough. You couldn't care less, most of the time. 

Well, you'll be gone after this. Gone from this blog, and gone from my mind. You'll be merely the inspo in a series of outdated posts, a face in old YouTube videos and some faded T-shirts crammed in my pyjama drawer. A bow tie that I selfishly kept, and now plan on giving back through a mutual friend. 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Let 'em look.

I am about to say something quite controversial. It may incite shock, horror, or straight up anger. For that, I am sorry. But it's my opinion. Hear me out, please? 

Here it is. Ready? Okay. I feel that when it comes to making friends and finding love...looks can be as important as personality.

*hides, waits for storms to collide overhead* 

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