Saturday, 21 October 2017

Strange bruise & sad feels. (unedited)

I don't know why I was so nervous to book the appointment. It definitely wasn't because I was booking using my GP surgery's new online service for the first time; I was actually stupidly excited to not have to communicate with the ever-chirpy but worringly nasal-sounding receptionists over the phone. Having said that, I managed to book 5 appointments instead of the 1...
They asked me to add a reason for the General Appointment. It was 'required'. I hesitantly typed 'strange bruise & sad feels'.

(Photo: Erin Veness)

Friday, 20 October 2017

No Virgin / No Shame, Anne Cassidy.

Oh hey, welcome to my stop on the blog tour for 'No Shame', the latest novel from Anne Cassidy published with Hot Key books! 

So, as you all know, I was recently galavanting around Europe (okay, just popping in and out of two particular cities) and so I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear (/read) that I did a lot of...reading!
Plane journeys are perfect for tackling the TBR pile, let me tell you. I kept on track with my current reading schedule (the bewitching re-read) and had the whole flight home from Berlin to dive into – and devour – this truly unique book. 

'No Shame' is the story of Stacey Woods (who we readers may have met in Anne's book 'No Virgin') and her fight for justice after being raped 9 months ago. This fight involves facing her attacker, and his family, in court before a judge and a jury. It's her word against his, and sadly that's not a good situation for a young woman to be in.

The story twists and turns, but the dark themes are constant and undeniable. The tension and hurt is intense. At times while reading, I found myself wobbling considerably and desperately turning the pages, hoping hard for Stacey.

I was so delighted to procure a fantastic piece from Anne Cassidy, about the importance of moral ambiguity in teenage and young adult fiction. 
Read on...

Sunday, 15 October 2017

'A Woman of No Importance', 11/10/2017: A Review.

On Wednesday 11th October, I went to see 'A Woman of No Importance' at the Vaudeville, performed by Classic Spring, a new theatre company founded by Dominic Dromgoole (former Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre) who also directed this production. 

The show is the first in the company's Oscar Wilde season, revolving around his four great Victorian plays which shocked and redefined British theatre, and still resonate and refresh today.


"An earnest young American woman, a louche English lord, and an innocent young chap join a house party of fin de siècle fools and grotesques. Nearby a woman lives, cradling a long buried secret. Wilde’s marriage of glittering wit and Ibsenite drama create a vivid new theatrical voice."
(source: From the Box Office.) 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

I love sex. And what?

If you follow me on social media, or read this blog regularly, or have ever got a coffee with me IRL, you'll know that I cannot not talk about sex. Why? Because I love it, quite a bit.

But when did I start loving it?
Well, to be honest, I think I always did. Even at a young age, even before I started having it, I loved the mere idea of it. That humans could do this amazing thing – they could strip down and cuddle up and make magic happen between them. At 13 years old, that seemed totally, like, mental to me... 

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Books Are My Bag 2017: #BookshopDay

Yesterday, Saturday the 7th of October, was the legendary Books Are My Bag's national holiday, Bookshop Day!

Book currently in your #BAMB bag?

Up until yesterday, it was 'It Only Happens in the Movies' by Holly Bourne. I finished it last night before bed! And now I'm dipping back into my Adrian Mole double feature, just for some light retro humour before I return to Hogwarts.

Favourite bookshop?

I will always love Waterstones in Brighton, and Tottenham Court Road. And of course there's no denying that Piccadilly is an institution – no, a city! 

My local indie shop is Hare & Hawthorn Bindery & Bookshop, in Hastings old town. I've only been in there a couple of times, but would definitely recommend it to any book-loving visitors to the Sussex seaside. 
Same with The Rye Bookshop; I bloody loved covering in there (and meeting the mad mix of customers) on a quiet Sunday morning when I was a bookseller. 

Friday, 6 October 2017

30 Days Grace; September.

September always feels strange, these days. I think because even after 3 years out of education, I still get that 'back to school' instinct when autumn kicks in and I have nowhere to put the feeling, nothing to satisfy the craving for leaves to turn over. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

All About...Lisa! ; an interview with Lisa Williamson.

The beautiful Lisa Williamson is an astonishing UKYA author known for her debut 'The Art of Being Normal', and now her second novel, 'All About Mia'! 

This story is all about, well...Mia! The middle child in a pretty unique - and wildly successful - family. She has a big sis bound for the very best higher education, and a younger sister literally making waves as an athlete. What does she have, though? What does she do? She's not quite sure. 
Then one day, her academic superstar of a sister comes home with a surprise. One that might just change her perfect rep, and tip the scales in their home...

A post shared by Lisa Williamson (@lisawilliamsonauthor) on

Hi, lovely Lisa! Thanks for chatting with me about your excellent second book. Let's dive in and look at the characters first...

Mia worried she didn't have 'a thing'. That she didn't have a unique
talent at something, like her sisters did. What was *your* thing, growing

I differ a bit from Mia in that I was into quite a few things growing up. I wanted to be an actor so naturally I was really into drama and performed with the school drama club and various local amateur dramatics companies. I also danced once per week (jazz, disco and tap!) and was really into History (it was my very favourite subject at school)
and watching old Hollywood musicals.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Inkings.

If you'd told me a decade or so ago that I'd someday be sitting in an indie cafe with a tab set up behind the bar, writing blog posts and managing social media as a job and invoicing publishers for a week of events...well, that was my dream, actually. So I'd have been very happy. But then, if you'd added 'you have a shit ton of piercings, pockets full of crystals, and a whole lot of ink covering your skin'? I'd have snapped my fingers at you and said 'you almost had me!'

I've written before about my body being a map of me. It's covered in marks and memories, both deliberate and unplanned. Scars and ink mingle on my surface, and while some scars go deeper, the latter is my way of redecorating and reclaiming. I've written about that before too; described each inking and their individual importance.

But that latter blog post actually was published in March 2016, when I had 7 tattoos and had booked 1 more in...I now have 12. 

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