How to manage your mental health as a small business owner.*

11 June 2020

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Being your own boss is something to be proud of. However, it comes with a lot of demands, and can be quite a stressful job at times.

One aspect that may take a toll over time if you don’t properly manage it is your mental health. If you want to function well and perform to the best of your ability each day, then you need to find healthy ways to keep it in check. When you feel good mentally you’ll discover that you achieve your goals quicker and are happier overall.

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Hire outside help. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of tasks to get done and maybe not that much time or knowledge in certain areas. In this case, you should consider hiring outside help. For instance, it may be that you seek out a bookkeeper who can look after your business finances or that you hire an SEO Agency that can help you execute your marketing strategy. You can increase your chance of success and do a better job running your business when you source people to help you out.

Build a support network. Being a company owner doesn’t mean you’re all alone, or the only entrepreneur who has ever felt overwhelmed and lost. One way you can manage and take care of your mental health as a business owner by building and relying on a support network. Keep people close to you and in your circle who you trust and are encouraging and supportive and will listen when you want to open up and talk. You may feel less pressure and be more confident in yourself if you find a mentor you can bounce ideas off.

Focus on the positives. Maintain an optimistic outlook and frame of mind by focusing on the positives to help you manage your mental health in the workplace. Being more positive and looking on the bright side is an excellent way to persevere through any tough times and keep going when you feel uncertain or defeated. Write down and review all that’s going well for you and at your business, and let these successes motivate you to not give up on yourself.

Schedule personal & downtime. Another way to manage your mental health as a business owner is to be proactive and intentional about scheduling personal and downtime in your days. Make the most of your working hours and put the effort in, but then step back from it all and give yourself a break. You’ll feel better and have more energy when you nurture your mental health and make time to participate in hobbies you enjoy, or see loved ones. You’ll thrive at work and in other areas of your life when you create and find more balance.

Photo by from Pexels

These tips will hopefully help you manage your mental health as a business owner and entrepreneur so you can feel well and perform your best at work. You’ll be able to better overcome obstacles that try to stand in your way and serve your customers when you’re in a good place mentally.

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