Top Tips on Dealing with a Skin Condition

19 May 2020

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Skin conditions are much more common than you’d think. The photoshopped and filtered skin we see in magazines, on screens big and small, and on social media timelines often aren’t natural, and the majority of us actually have issues with our skin that we’d like to resolve. Sometimes we actually have skin conditions that can be resolved, alleviated or “improved” through professional diagnosis, advice and treatment. So in this post we’ll alert you to a few common skin conditions that you might have, as well as advice on how to manage and treat them. Remember, it’s always best to get an official diagnosis from a doctor or dermatologist, first and foremost. This will give you an idea of the specific treatments for your skin in particular!

Rosacea. If you often have flushed pink or red skin - usually on your cheeks - you may have Rosacea. This is a chronic skin condition that many are unfamiliar with, as many people pass it off as “blushing”. But no, Rosacea is an actual condition! While it doesn’t come hand in hand with any particularly dangerous health consequences, many people want to find a solution for this discolouration and may even find that it’s accompanied by burning or stinging sensations, which they may want relief from too. In severe cases, the condition can result in permanent redness, spots, and small blood vessels in your face becoming visible through your skin. As of yet, there isn’t an outright cure, but there is skincare advice available for how to get rid of Rosacea, and it’s also generally recommended that you avoid potential triggers, such as sunlight exposure, stress, and vigorous exercise.

Acne. Most of us experience acne at some point or another. While it’s most common in teenagers, it can affect anyone of any age. Contrary to popular belief, acne actually has little to do with the cleanliness of your skin. So, if you’re suffering from acne, simply maintaining a good skincare routine may not be enough to resolve the spots. Acne is actually often caused by your hair follicles becoming clogged up with dead skin cells. This can result in the outbreak of various types of spots, ranging from blackheads to whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. If you visit your doctor, they may be able to prescribe oral antibiotics or topical antibiotics that will clear things up. 

Eczema. Eczema is a skin condition that affects 10-20% percent of children at some point or another, so many of us assume the condition only affects younger people. However, many adults can suffer from outbreaks of eczema on a regular basis too. It’s a condition that’s characterised by dry, flaky and itching skin. You should definitely consult your doctor about this, as they will be able to prescribe emollient lotion, emollient cream, or an emollient oil that can help. Alternatively, a particularly popular treatment for eczema is LUSH’s Dream Cream!

There are, of course, many more skin conditions out there that people suffer from, but these are some of the most common. Hopefully, the above information will help you to deal with yours effectively!


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