Start with the lights!

16 May 2020

This is a sponsored post! Thanks for reading it, my lovelies. I am de-light-ed (hehehe) to be sharing some links to and information about Light Supplier; a website dedicated to helping you create the perfect vibe in your living space, by supplying you with the very best lighting products

Maybe it’s because I’m spending an awful lot of time indoors at present so I’m mentally redecorating my little flat, or maybe I’ve just been spending too much time building houses on the Sims 4 – maybe it’s a combination of the two – but I’ve suddenly become fascinated by the way lighting can make a real impact in one’s home. For instance, I haven’t really liked putting on ‘the big light’ in my living room for a while now; I’d rather create a warm and cosy atmosphere with a selection of lamps in corners and on tables around the room. But then, I love a brighter light in my little bathroom, because there’s no window in there. I have also been flirting with the idea of getting some outdoor lighting for my rooftop spot – but then I guess I should ask my neighbour’s permission, as it is technically his roof I’m sitting on every day…

Anyway, my point is, when lockdown is officially over, I’m going to be clearing out a lot of stuff and giving my living space a bit of a makeover. And I really think that if you’re itching to do the same, then the best thing to start with is the lights. Sofas, coffee tables and bookshelves can wait – the lighting is like the bare bones of your home, and once you have that element sorted, you can work with it.

Light Supplier have a vast range of LED lights and bulbs. You can shop by room to find the perfect fit for each area of your home, and narrow the options down by price if you’re on a set budget. There are your basic ceiling spotlights, floor lamps, box shelf lights and even some stylish pendants to pick from! And as if that weren’t enough, they also boast a selection of storage, handles and bins. Head over there now if you’re needing a little home revamp. All orders over £40 are eligible for free mainland shipping, too!

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