Keeping Positive While WFH*

28 March 2020

- This post was written by a contributor -

In the past month, businesses around the world have suddenly had to accommodate people remote working. Many people are now working from their kitchen tables, bedrooms and in the garden (when the sun shines), and for the majority, this is new territory. While some may love working from home, for others, it could be a scary, uncertain and lonely time - especially if you live alone. We can see that working from home is already having an impact on many people’s wellbeing

When you are used to working in a friendly office space, finding yourself all alone and without the support of your immediate colleagues can feel strange. It’s important to try and stay positive through this time, to stay in touch with work, and remember that even if you are able to work alone, that doesn’t mean you have to.

Yes, it is going to be a slow few weeks/months (!) but the tips below should help you to keep positive when working from home… 

Limit Your Screen Time. Yes, you need to be on your computer to complete your work, however, your screen time can quickly get out of hand. It can be easy to do your work while speaking to colleagues on your screen, but after a while this can become a bit of a strain. Whether it’s just half an hour reading, completing work tasks away from your desk, making yourself a cup of tea or going on your daily exercise, try to plan periods where you are able to clear your mind and step away from the endless virtual chats, WhatsApp messages and emails. 

Make Sure Your Set Up Properly. For most, this WFH malarkey has been sprung upon you, and you may be feeling as though you aren’t prepared or appropriately set up to tackle your work load. Take a little take to set yourself up a workspace, research how to map a network drive on a Mac, enquire about any equipment your employer is able to provide you and try to give yourself somewhere you can go into work mode. Think about making your working space as pleasant as possible, even make it as you would at work; have a desktop plant, a family picture, a funky calendar etc., etc. 

Just Work Your Hours. Yes, working from home gives you more flexibility but this also means that it can compromise your vital post-work relaxing. When you no longer physically need to leave your office, it can be more difficult to switch off or finish on time. Make sure you structure your working hours to give yourself a clear start and finish for each day. To keep positive you still need to allow time for leisure. 

Dress For Work. This may seem simple, but it is definitely effective. If you start to slip and wear your lounging clothes for work because you know no one is going to see you that day, then it’s going to affect your mood. Ok, so you haven’t got to dress as if you were going to the office, or a conference, but it definitely helps to shift you in the right frame of mind to get up and get ready each day. 

These four areas should help to keep you positive while working from home. Do you have any other tips that you could share in the comments below? 


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