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25 March 2020

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If you, like many business-minded people, have been running a solo venture for some time now, you have probably come across a few speed bumps along the way that have left you searching for help in expanding your business.It seems that while running a business alone can be perfect for some folks, it will always come with a few challenges along the way. 

Why is this? Well, you have to remember that when you run a business with others, you can distribute tasks accordingly, and not everything is your responsibility. But when you’re going it alone, and everything is just on YOU, expanding your business can be a real struggle. 

In this post, we are going to suggest at a few things you might want to consider when it comes to expanding your solo business, but our tips may also help you streamline a bit, so you don’t have to push yourself too far.

Outsource. OK, so one of the most important things that you need to remember is that when it comes to doing everything alone, you are never alone. Why this may sound ridiculous, it’s the truth. If, as a solo worker, you try to manage every part of your business alone, you will fail. As a business owner, you should realise that you cannot be a master of every side of your business. Does that make sense? Good!

You might feel like you’re failing at working alone by bringing other people in - but you’re not. If you want to succeed, then you should be looking to hire a few freelancers and even outsource some parts of your business completely. You’ll soon see that in doing this, your business will be better for it in the long run, and you won’t end up totally burned out.

Outsourcing is not a dirty word, and you will always be in complete control over your company. The only difference you will see when you outsource is that you get some of your life back (dramatic as that sounds!).

Revamp Your Website. While it may not seem like it will affect your business that much, there are some things you can do with your website that will make a world of difference.

One of the first things you should look at is online address services. If you run a solo venture, you will probably have a residential address listed on your website. If you want to broaden your horizons and bring in customers, you can look at changing this with a virtual address. While it may seem tiny, it’s changes like this that can bring you a whole new customer base. Of course, website changes shouldn’t stop there; you should definitely make your website user friendly, and as professional-looking as possible. It may not seem important but the truth is, your website is your business card, and customers will be judging you based on its appearance. 

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