Don't Let Anxious Thoughts Control You*

16 October 2019

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Many different and unexpected things in life might bring up anxious thoughts, but this doesn’t mean that you should just accept these feelings and continue as normal

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Dealing with the increase in nerves as soon as you notice a change is so important, and there are actually more ways of staying calm than you may think! A large percentage of people will experience increased anxiety from time to time, so knowing how to deal with it is obviously very important. Read on to find out how you can better cope with your anxiety in a productive and creative way!


Whenever you’re feeling a little down, and can’t make sense of the thoughts buzzing around your mind, take a seat somewhere comfortable and close your eyes. Take a moment to feel the weight of your body, the depth of your breathing, and the way that your surroundings can have an affect on your aura, like a gentle breeze causing the hairs to stand up on your exposed skin to the beautiful sweet sound of birds whistling outside of your window. Meditation is potentially the most intense form of mindfulness – a state of living in the moment, appreciating only the here and now, accepting the feelings you have and dealing with them in the most productive way. The longer you practice, the better the outcome of each session, so be patient and begin learning this valuable skill today.

Being a bit alternative.

Mainstream treatments for anxious thoughts and feelings may not always work as well as you might expect, and this can leave you searching for alternative ideas.

There has been a greater investment into discovering different treatments for mental health issues recently, and these include paths which might be considered outlandish and unique, which pose equal healing properties. For example, cannabinoid research is developing quickly and is said to work remarkably well when being used to minimise the side effects that are paired with illnesses such as anxiety and insomnia. Trying out these alternative ideas may be a little more hit and miss than the tried and tested normal routes, but they might just work perfectly for your needs, and there’s no harm in finding out.  

Pay attention during mental health awareness week for more information, and develop inventive ways that help you to control your thoughts rather than letting them control you. 

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