Recent Reads #10: The 6th of 2018.

10 March 2018

My 6th read of 2018 was the wonderfully inspiring model, speaker and body positivity ambassador Charli Howard’s hilarious – and at times heartbreaking – memoir, Misfit’.

I was sent a copy of this book by the lovely Simon at Penguin Random House (he clearly just *knew* this book was totally up my street); this in no way affects my review.

[TW: eating disorders]

I am not actually all that familiar with Charli Howard; sure, she’s popped up on my Instagram ‘explore’ page a few times, and I’ve envied her incred eyebrows, but I’ve never known her ‘story’. And now, suddenly, after reading this book I feel I know her intimately – and I am in awe of her strength, given what she’s been through.

The book starts with a warning, that starts with: ‘Dear Reader, before you start, I just want to warn you about a couple of things…’ Which was so thoughtful, and much appreciated. I agree that those with a sensitive disposition when it comes to body confidence and eating disorders ought to think twice before picking this book up, and definitely steel themselves a little if and when they do. I myself have struggled with my weight in the years since I was a teen – and first discovered the many wonders of the female body and its ridiculously unpredictable nature – and so I found parts of this book a little tough to get through.

Despite the tricky and no doubt triggering subject matter, I’d say this book was an ‘easy read’. By that I mean the writing style was absolutely delightful; relatable, friendly and most of the time perfectly chatty. I really felt that in reading these 13 chapters, I actually befriended Charli. She was so accessible in the way she wrote, I really did warm to her quickly and felt I got to know her as well as I would know a friend I regularly got coffee (or something stronger) with.

I thought it was great how Charli wrote her journey. It began when she was 4 years old, and thought she was a dog; then readers are taken through her school years, we travel with her as she moves from country to country, and we soon experience the many terrors of teenage girls. Before we knew it, we were living the hard life of being a model, constantly under pressure from agencies and needing to shed every ounce of chub on our frames to get work - but no matter how much we managed to lose, it wouldn't be enough. Then, finally, as the horrible pressures of this industry had built up sky high and the state of our heroine's mental health was at rock bottom, we were given some sweet relief in the form of Charli's viral Facebook post that was the very beginning of the All Woman Project. The most perfect happy ending. 

I felt the story was so important to read in this day and age, and I hope that schools everywhere will soon have it in their libraries, and maybe even get Charli in to speak gently and honestly to the kids about the toxicity of the media and the importance of feeling comfort in your own body. She's definitely a fierce ambassador for the wonderful body love movement.

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  1. I am absolutely adding this one to my list. It sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. That's wonderful to hear! If you could, please buy it via the link in this blog post - it'll earn me a few affiliate pennies (and not cost you any extra)!

      Thanks, big love to you xo


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