The tweets I do not favourite.

8 September 2017

I've been on Twitter since 2009. I used to text-tweet from under the desk in Sociology classes. I fixed it so I got automated text messages sent to me when the guy I liked tweeted. My original username was @beautblues, because that one friend that one time complimented my blue eyes, said they were beautiful in fact, and I was like 'k, that's my thing now'. *Rolls the beautiful blue eyes* 

Over the years, Twitter has seen the best and worst of me. I've made excellent mutual follow friends , and blocked my sworn enemies. I've flirted and I've sassed; I still screenshot compliments and 'like' link shares to save them for later reading. My current cover photo on Facey B is one of my best tweets (imo). 

But over these past 8 years, I have also seen a lot of sad tweets. A lot of ugly tweets. And a lot of just plain shit tweets. Here are some of the ones I've come to hate the most – and would like others to think really hard about before posting them.

The selfies with 'I did this to my hair/face/outfit and I hate it omg I'm so ugly what do you think?!!' 

Hush. You took a selfie. You look fab, and more importantly quite obviously aren't too torn up about your appearance rn. Also by the looks of things, it's got a filter on it – which means you've looked at it for longer than simply the time spent taking it and tweeting it immediately.


These used to set me right on – and over – the edge, back when my friends and I were in our first year of uni and had a tendency to subtweet and bitch about others in our social circles. I'd see a so-called friend's vague and shitty tweet, like 'ughh some people tho' or 'rolling my eyes all day today' and 'well, never going back there again' and immediately assume it was about me. I'd then casually message that 'friend' and wait, near tears, for their happy reply. Honestly, scrolling through my timeline was, for a long time, terrifying. I've since left these people behind – and more importantly, changed my stance on these tweets. They are insanely immature and embarrassing for the tweeter, tbh. What good do they do? They just stir pots and throw shade. (This is not an indirect, don't worry guys)


This might be my most controversial part of a blog post ever. But don't cuss me out and spit at me yet – what I hate under this particular umbrella is specifically the tweets like 'only 7000 words til I hit this week's target!'/'ooh somehow managed 231 words in notes on my phone?!'/'really struggling with my WIP, I wonder if I should keep this thing in it...'
Sorry guys, but I kinda hate the running commentaries sometimes. 

However, I LOVE the 'got a second book deal!'/'finished my WIP!'/'I have an agent!', etc. tweets. Never stop with those, guys.  

Super vague questions.

If you're going on holiday somewhere, ask for recommendations for where to go and what to do, within this area and on this budget. If you need help, ask how to do a certain thing. Ask book bloggers what you should be reading within a specified genre or like _____ book you've already read and liked.

'OMG got something sooo exciting happening but lol can't tell you guys yet! Shhhh!!'

This is annoying af. If you're planning on revealing something in the near future, give a time so we can check back in and have our curiosity satisfied. Otherwise, keep shtum until you can share your top secret info. 
It's almost as bad as the vague celebratory 'I got the job!!!!' Facebook statuses that you then have to reply to like 'OMG congrats, where is it?' or hope someone else has already bitten that bullet and got an answer for you already in the comments (we all do this, guys. Next time you see this status on your news feed, check the comments and note the number of 'likes' the status writer's comment to this question has, srsly).


There's nothing quite as awkward as someone replying to your payday shopping haul tweets with a 'aww, wish I could afford those *sad face*' – or replying to your tweet thanking a publisher for a proof with a 'ooh, send me one too pleeeaase!?'
Not because I think you shouldn't get these things – you deserve good things in life, we all do – but more because those tweets and their vast accompaniment of crying emojis make me feel super awkward and guilty for buying things with my hard-earned money or receiving freebies (often in exchange for reviews or mentions, so those are earned too tbh!), and I immediately wonder if I should be doing more #giveaways or reaching out to my gift-givers for those less fortunate.

Right, I'm glad I got all that off my chest. Does anyone agree with any of these? Or am I overreacting and being completely unreasonable? Please do comment – or indeed tweet me – with your thoughts. 

I feel like now maybe I should list quickly the kind of tweets I do like and/or madly love. 
Well, obviously there's any and all things #ukyachat. Fridays at 8pm, that's where I'll be – conversing with some of my faves about all things bookish. I also adore body positive tweets, general hilarious everyday anecdotes, and the most inspiring stories or brilliant life hacks featured in threads. I am fairly indifferent about the Moments thing, but I like that now Twitter users can create their own if they wish – I have a lot of friends compiling one long Moment containing every book they're reading in 2017, which is a bit genius. 

I have also recently discovered that I can mute certain phrases, hashtags and, if need be, people. That's been a game changer, honestly. 

I also love joke accounts such as @big_ben_clock, hilarious historical accounts such as @WhoresofYore, national institutions like @Queen_UK, and self-care accounts such as @everydaycarebot. If anyone has any other positive accounts they love, do share. 

And of course I generally love Twitter in all its silliness, because it's a platform that enables me to contact friends and connect with the people who inspire me most, whether that be authors, actors, companies, brands or other bloggers. I love having all that in the palm of my hand, just a tap away, whether I'm rambling around the city or in bed sick (which tbf I am most days recently). 

(Serious note: I sometimes wonder and worry if some of the annoying tweets I've mentioned might come from bad places. Like the compliment fishing and freebie clamouring. If anyone needs help or reassurance with anything, DM me any time.)


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