#iTalkSex, don't you?

18 August 2017

In case you didn't know, I talk a lot about sex. On my blog and in person; over coffee, between drinks, even at work sometimes on a slow day. 
I have several WhatsApp convos and ongoing DMs that can get pretty risque – no, not in a sexting way, more like the odd 'check out this hottie [attached pic]' and 'guess what I did/saw/read/dreamt last night', or even 'gimme tips on this'-type chats. 
I've been this way as long as I can remember, but more so in recent years. 
I'm an open book, a trustworthy confidante and a fount of knowledge. 

Why do I talk about sex?

Because I can't not?
Because it's fascinating!
Because people everywhere need to learn all the things.
Because it's so important to not just normalise women actually having sex, but to also open ourselves up to the vast spectrum of sexuality, the world of kink and many realms of pleasure.
Because I enjoy sex. And that's okay.
Because I need to make up for many years when nobody was talking about it, anywhere near me.

Also, because I have a lot of anger. And a lot of questions – angry, confused questions. Why aren't women allowed to have and love sex? Why do we have an organ designed purely for pleasure, if we're not meant to use it? Why is rape still a thing, and rapists are hardly ever brought to justice? What even is virginity? – oh wait, I have an answer for that: bullshit.

The list goes on and on.  

Now, here's why I've been talking about sex that much more recently. You see, the beautiful team at Scarlet Ladies – a team I will soon be joining, eeekk! – are about to launch a campaign about talking sex, and why we just gotta. I Talk Sex is going to be huge, and unstoppable. Get ready, gals. 

I saw the Scarlet Ladies advertising on Twitter a while back, inviting women to apply to be an ambassador for the campaign, which would of course involve press talks, blog posts, social media coverage...and a photo shoot. I jumped on the opportunity, but I don't think I actually expected to be selected... 

Then suddenly I was in central London, having my hair fluffed up and eyes made smoky, before pulling on my sparkliest dress and being snapped sitting slightly seductively on leather chairs and looking thoughtfully and mysteriously out of windows. It was a very surreal but totally magical experience; the make-up artists were so gentle and brilliant, the photographer team Faby & Carlo were warm and kind and at times hilarious, taking photos while chatting with me – and thankfully not having any shutter sounds switched on, meaning I was way less self-conscious and felt I could be more me. At one point, Carlo asked me why my sexuality was such an important part of me, and why I felt women needed to embrace theirs as much as I had mine – and I actually felt fire inside me as I answered excitedly and passionately. The pair then put their cameras down for a moment so we could properly discuss the slander and scandal surrounding sex, still, these days. I expect after this brief chatting interlude they got some slightly more psyched and smiley photos of me, because I'd got breathless talking about something I love, and a taboo I am so desperate to smash to pieces...I talked sex. I talk sex. And I won't be stopping any time soon. 

The #ITalkSex press event will be taking place at 23 Paul Street, London, on the 23rd of August. There will then be a party in early September, and if you can't make that then you can always host your own I Talk Sex nights with friends. 

I'll obviously be sharing all the important info and gorgeous photos and my fellow Scarlet Ladies' posts all over my socials (e.g. the babe Lauren Evie recently slayed writing about talking about sex!
Find my profile on the Scarlet Ladies website (featuring my statements and more photos) RIGHT HERE.

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