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22 May 2017

Social media is excellent, and generally I am a huge fan of it. It's also terrible, and at times I absolutely despise it. Don't we all, sometimes? Well, I certainly know a lot of people who actively loathe social media, some of whom have deliberately deleted any trace of themselves, any presence they had, on every platform. 
But then at the same time, I know folks who have made a career out of social media. This includes me. So many of us have found friends, discovered new favourite things and been inspired endlessly. Whether it's coming across individuals and movements we wouldn't have known about had it not been for Twitter; kinks and fan fic we'd never thought to search for were it not for Tumblr; 5* cafes and household appliances for sale courtesy of Facey B, and of course there is always an abundance of beautiful foods and quirky af outfits to be seen on Instagram. 

Yes, I could go on forever about the wonders and evils of social media and its various platforms. But today I will just be focusing on one: the aforementioned Instagram.

Instagram is a happy place full of photos; its users share snapshots of their lives for all to see. I remember desperately wanting an upgrade from my old Samsung Monte when I was a fresher at uni, because every other student had an iPhone and thus could upload to Instagram. Honestly, that was pretty much the only reason I wanted an iPhone. To take good photos and share them with friends. 

The thing is with Instagram these days's full of fibs. I spy them so often, little tricks of the light and selective croppings that may suggest the photographer has a better situation or sunnier disposition than they actually do in reality, off this app. Smoke and mirrors, flips and filters. I'm not judging however because, guess what...I do it, too.

I am now going to embed a few of my recent Instagram posts, and give you some background that you may not have picked up on before. That I wouldn't have let you see.

This Saturday morning coffee date is quite normal; I like to pick little sis up from her workplace sometimes and stop in the cafe there for a bite of cake and gulp of long black. However, on the day I posted this, we had our heads together over the hot drinks discussing an argument that had gone on at home the night before, and deciding how we felt about it all.

As I said in the caption – I was not allowed to take photos in the place where I took this photo. Oops. But there's even more uncomfortable truths behind this post. What I didn't tell followers is as I walked around the lovely local art gallery that morning, I was constantly having to sit down and take deep breaths as I would get headrushes and pains in my tummy – which was still recovering from recent surgery. (The art and the place were worth the pain, though!)

What I didn't mention in this silly, dreamy, poetic caption was that I had been seriously suffering with anxiety on busy trains and general exhaustion from suddenly working full time 5 days a week after months of just doing part time or zero hours deals. Well, that wouldn't have looked so pretty beneath this deep arty shot, would it?

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Yeah, so I had a really upset tummy while at this high brow tasting event. Seriously, anyone who stood near me was in grave danger. Sorry, my fellow whisky obsessives. The primse suspect is the homemade brownie I had given to me at work that day by a senior editor (that I was too polite to refuse)...

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I wasn't going to post this mirror selfie of me trying on a collar in River Island – I took the photo purely to send to friends and family for honest opinions on whether or not it worked and if I should buy. Then on a whim I posted it, saying I'd take it down after an hour, thinking it would only get a few likes (but somehow it felt better to post something after days of not posting at all)...and ermm, people liked it a lot. Win!

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Yes, this may be the most accurate Insta post I've done in a long time. How ironic. (Pic by Emily Coxhead, gorgeous illustrator and inventor of The Happy Newspaper)

Oh my goodness, there are so many more posts I could share and reveal my fibs, repent my sins – but I won't. Gotta keep some mystery, and dignity.
And now, to cheer us all up and maybe earn back your trust, have this – one of my most genuine Instagrams*.

*Do you refer to your Insta posts as 'Instagrams'? Is that a thing? I swear it was once...let me know via comment or tweet, please!


  1. Yes grace!!! Thank you for posting this :) it can be hard to reveal the truth behind the "highlight reel" but I think it's such an important thing to do and I love that it's becoming a thing now. More honesty, less unattainable goals!! X

  2. This is so good Grace haha! I am very tempted to do one of my own - it is really interesting to see what is actually behind Instagram posts (I also call them 'Instagrams'!) Immy x

  3. I don't have an Instagram account :(

  4. This is completely what I do, I am actually writing a little article on this myself! I think it's very important to acknowledge that Instagram is a very very filtered perception of ones life.

  5. I absolutely LOVE this post! We're all so guilty of it and yet I still find myself thinking others have it better, it's good to remind ourselves we ALL only share our highlights! xx

  6. Beautifully honest Grace! Truth is, i wanted to read more of your 'stories behind the photographs', far more interesting than some of the highlights we see! X


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