Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Blogging = work!?

I've always - well, since I was sixteen and spending the sacred free slots in my sixth form timetable up in the library typing out my angsty inner monologue furiously and then sending it out into hyperspace - dreamt of someday writing a blog being...work. Being my job.

Not as in I spend each weekday 9-5 sat at my desk slaving away on Blogger or Wordpress, spitting out words and downing excessive amounts of coffee...okay, maybe that latter part does appeal to me...no, I mean making a legit living writing blog posts. Just whenever I upload something new, a little money wiggles its way into my account and I hear the cheeky little cha-ching sound as I click 'publish'.
I've realised recently that's what I'd really, really like to happen in my life.
It's like that ancient silly saying the parents will always spout at you when you're deciding on GCSE subjects or applying for your first part-time job in the local supermarket: 'Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life'.
Well, that's what blogging would be for me. I'd be doing something I love - love so much that I'd probably putting in more hours than were strictly necessary - and for some mad reason I'd be getting paid for it, too!

Over the past year I've started contributing to other blogs and thinking how magical it would be to someday be a freelance blogger who gets snatched up by other sites and charges the tiniest fees for each post she writes...all these blogs have said at one time or another that they'd love to someday be able to pay their writers, and that's great that they're thinking ahead but obviously it means they have to trek through a lot of muck and bring up traffic to tumultuous levels before they can think about doing that.
Important point: this post is not me saying 'I demand to be paid' right now, oh no no no way nope! Right now I'm just delighted to be writing for others and getting my pieces out to a wider audience! Okay? Get me? Cool.

Now, blogging being my job is still a long way away but I know I'm making headway, these days. For starters, I just got a sweet gig at Maximum Pop! Books (@maximumpopbooks) being their official Marketing Exec and occasionally writing for their amazing site! *Accepts applause, blows kisses* (I know, I can't believe it either!)
Also I'm on a list to potentially become a Peer Editor for TheSite.org, the wonderful website that gives advice and hope and often life hacks to teens and young people. I'm also going to be in a cheeky video for The Site this week, script written by the rad Louise Jones as it is based on her piece she wrote recently about *drum roll* period sex! I cannot wait to get to work on that...
Oh, and these days I'm going to book events and launches and all sorts with a notepad and pen, meaning I'm a legit blogging personality now...someone who will attend an event or read a book, then write about it, and people will actually want to hear what I have to say! That's madness, and thrilling.
The biggest boost to my blogging lifestyle recently, though, has to be when the awesome Ness (my ex-lecturer in Creative Writing at Winchester Uni & prominent member of the Golden Egg Academy) contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in speaking in a seminar to some students about the wonders of blogging – and what it's done for me/what I've done and am doing in that world! Don't get me wrong, the idea of speaking to a room full of CV3 students (plus the lecturers, plus my fellow graduate speakers) in the good old HJB on campus does terrify me beyond belief, but I can't not do it! It's so exciting. An exciting honour, at that. I am happy to blow the horn for blogging to those kids! Because it is nowadays, finally, a proper profession.

So yes, this is my unusual word-vomiting way of saying: I'm getting there. I'm making writing – blogging, specifically – a job. Work. Something I do as a legit occupation. I can only hope that someday I'll have a few books to my name and be a properly qualified (and disgustingly busy and popular) blogger, too. Someday...

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  1. It was cool to listen to your presentation yesterday. You left me inspired!

    1. THANK YOU! my gosh this has made me so happy. I felt I rambled a little much... Happy blogging, cutie! xxx


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