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May your coffee be as strong as your brow game.

So, what is the latest hot topic in the world of beauty? What’s the new trend – the latest trick, the current feature we should be focusing all our time and energy (and money) on? 
Well, these days it’s all about getting the perfect pair…of eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows. The fuzzy lines of hair above your eyes that prevent sweat from blinding you. Yeah, those. Suddenly, these really basic and often overlooked facial features now play a major part in making an impression on others. They are an asset and a weapon, if done correctly. They can also be your biggest fault when certain nasty folks are gossiping about you behind your back. 
Basically, we need to jump on this bandwagon as it is in our best interest to strengthen our brow game. Yes, brow game is now a thing. It’s a hashtag and everything…
Personally, I was always self-conscious when it came to my brows. I felt they were needlessly long and hideously thick, and it always bugged me that their dark cool brown hue didn’t match my naturally fair hair. My only feelings towards my brows were ones of hatred and frustration. They seemed to be in constant need of plucking to prevent the mono-brow from creeping in, and they never seemed to be as perfectly trimmed as my peers’. I attacked them with my special ‘tache bleaching cream once or twice; I grabbed a cheap razor and shaved away the straggling hairs beneath and in doing this accidentally gave myself that ‘popular’ facial feature with the two shaved lines side by side…it wasn’t my strongest look.
I wish I’d known back then that, these days, thick brows are every girl’s dream.
Proving that the above is completely true, let’s take a look at some celebrities whose brow games reign supreme:
Anne Hathaway. This woman is generally flawless, yes, and her face is just a vision of loveliness. I’m glad we agree on this. Now look closer. Zoom in on that film poster and see those delightful creations sitting happily above her luscious deep brown eyes, bold and stunning against her clear, snowy skin! Solid 10/10 right there. 

Julia Roberts. Another Hollywood star, another brow pro. Her eyebrows may be a little more on the dead-straight low-sitting side, which doesn’t work on everyone, but they suit her face shape rather fantastically. There’s a reason she played ‘Pretty Woman’ and I, personally, think it’s down to her ‘brows. 

Brooke Shields. The original Brow Queen of the big screen. My 80s expert mother tells me this gal was legendary for her eyebrows – she stuck out like a very glamorous sore thumb in the movie bizz when she strutted onto the scene with fully fledged bush brows, but she bossed it and pioneered the look. We have her to thank for first introducing women to the potential of brows. 
Nadiya Jamir Hussain. Nadiya graced our TV screens  on prime time BBC, on the nation’s favourite show The Great British Bake Off. She’s the most beautiful person inside and out – but right now let’s focus on the outside. Since week one of the show, she was praised by the public for her brilliant facial expressions caught on camera; every tense moment, every close call, every jubilant exclamation, her face said it all. A big part of her outstanding face work was her brow game.The other night it was revealed that Nadiya is the new GBBO Champion. But that’s probably down to her cakes, not her brows…
And finally, I couldn’t not mention the brow goddess, Cara Delevigne. Her brows are a force to be reckoned with. They are such a huge part of her (fantastically perfect) image, and have been since she began her journey to the very tip top of the modelling empire. In fact, Cara’s eyebrows are so iconic and so important that when you Google her name, a whole separate search is suggested entitled simply ‘eyebrows’. Her brows are thick, dark and sit heavy above her eyes. It shouldn’t work, but it so totally does. She claims she was never allowed to pluck them growing up. If that’s the case then well done, Delevigne parents!
Has this post got you feeling like you want to invest in your eyebrows? Well, lucky for you it happens to be time for some product reviewing. In my quest for the perfect eyebrows, I have used most products present in beauty stores these days. In my attempt to lockdown my brow game, I’ve found that only a few have actually done the trick. Here are a few of the best and brightest:
Firstly, we have the No7 brow pencil: simple as, really. A good starter tool. It comes in three tones, but the pencil is rather soft so must be sharpened often. However, it does the job! £7.99 in Boots.
Soap & Glory ‘Archery’: I loved this bad boy. It comes in two tones, light and dark, and is double-ended – one end is a slick soft pointed brush which contains a bit of toner, and the other end is a pencil for colouring in. £10.00 in Boots.
On a Soap & Glory roll, I have also heard good things about their other pencil product Arch De Triumphe£9.00 in Boots, but have yet to try it. C’mon though, the name alone is perfect.
Benefit: Now I’ve never actually used a Benefit product on my brows myself, but I have heard good things about their Speed Brow wand,£12.00 in Boots, and Brow Zings Shaping Kit£24.50, in Boots.  Benefit staff are also the loveliest people – one day when I was wandering around John Lewis feeling low and avoiding every mirror on the shop floor, the Benefit girls pulled me into their little section and insisted on ‘fixing’ my brows. I would have been offended at their phrasing, but they did a damn good job.
Bare Minerals ‘Frame & Define Brow Styler’: Another pencil with the twist-up feature which eliminates the need for sharpening, plus a built-in brush to smooth out the colour. £14.00 in Boots. 
I love Bare Minerals. Their goodies are all perfectly engineered – light on your face, no toxins or nastiness blended in and most products actually contain things that do good for your skin.  
TheirBrow Powder , also £14.00 in Boots, is also a winner. It does mean you’ll have to buy a separate brush to use it, though.
L’Oreal ‘Brow Genius Kit’: This is what I am currently using, and may well use for the rest of my heavy-browed days. The kit consists of a teeny pair of tweezers, a teeny double-ended brush and two pallets to swipe the brush in: wax, and powder. The wax is thick and provides a base coat, then the powder can be gently brushed on over the top and sticks to the waxy solution beneath. It’s quick and easy to use, the simplicity is a major plus, but it really produces perfection. £9.99 in Boots.
Finally, clear mascara (any brand) is a must. I personally go for the cheapest possible (which means Seventeen or Collection) as this ingredient in the brow prep is really just a final touch to lock in place the perfection you’ve been striving for in front of your bathroom mirror for the past ten minutes now.
In terms of guiding you in the right direction towards a stellar brow game, I feel like my work here is done. You have eyebrow inspiration and eyebrow product perfection above. All you’ve got to do is watch a few YouTube tutorials on how to NOT let your eyebrows resemble Nike ticks or sperm, and you are good to go. 

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