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15 December 2014

Once upon a time, a group of wee teen gals sat in a box bedroom giggling and ogling and flicking their floppy straightened side-fringes out of their eyes as they browsed MySpace. The friend whose house it was had an older sister coming back and forth from her adjoining room with rollers in her hair and plummy lippy being rigorously applied at regular intervals; she was suggesting bands and solo artists we might like who had pages on the site, and we were searching and reviewing each one. 
That was how we stumbled upon Fleeing From Finales, and a rather lush lead singer named Samuel Little.

I had the biggest crush on Sam all through my early teen years; in the sense that I just wanted him to come round my house, cuddle up with me on the sofa under my loft-bed and play pretty things on the guitar until we fell asleep at 9:30pm. 
Now, at 21, I still have major feels for this lad, but in a more mature sense. I'd go on the razz with him any night of the week - we'd share too many bottles of rum and cackle happily about nothing as we stumbled home. I'd tag along when he went to get more ink, and he'd advise me about what to wear when going to a gig.

Over a year ago I met a fella and took a shine to him. It seemed he liked everything I liked - City & Colour, Jack Daniels, skinny jeans and band tees, cute kittens...
Then one night when we were mid-text convo, I saw a tweet from Samuel saying he'd be in Southampton soon. I replied excitedly saying 'that's like just down the road from me at uni OMGGG', totally cool as per, and my crush texted to say 'You like Sam Little? You ARE perfect.'
To which I replied 'YOU like Little? I know him, he's in my hometown!'
I was amazed that this boy from the distant and oh-so Northern Middlesbrough also found solace in Sam's jams; not only did that mean I'd found true kismet romance, but it also meant that somehow Samuel Little/Fleeing From Finales/Eat Sleep Attack had found his way up the M1 to the deep dark North. Epic! 

Now I must admit I get majorly shy and always pussy out of exchanging a simple howdy whenever I see Mr Little in public - much like I would if I saw Tom Delonge, Hayley Williams, or Patrick Stump. I'd freak out and jump in a handy nearby bush. 
Liking photos on Instagram or commenting on Facey B is the best I can do for now to express my eternal admiration and friendship. Maybe sometime we'll bump into each other as we have before on an impromptu night out, and I'll chatter away happily thanks to the Dutch courage. Maybe.

Now, to business. The beaut boys who have banded together to become The Gospel Youth are producing some spectacular stuff. They're all blessed with such palpable coveted talent, and the more I hear them doing their thing, the more I need to. 'Kids', their first proper legit single, is raging around the online stratosphere; the video is freakin' adorable, just a simple story of a couple of young'uns in love wandering around Brighton without a care in the world. I particularly loved the band's cameos in the final scene - mates on the beach lit beautifully by the bonfire, enjoying a tipple and not caring that fires on the beach are not quite legal... Anyway, 'Kids' is a fantabulous song. I'm so familiar with Sam's voice, its the delicious highs and deep lows, having heard and loved it for years, but this is a whole new ball game. The backing vocals and snazzy music give his voice new life, and it's so refreshingly gorgeous. 
Reviewers have been saying we'll all get into this new music if we like Deaf Havana, Fall Out Boy, The Gaslight Anthem, Kids in Glass Houses... I do agree with a few of those comparisons and I do hear the similarities, however I wouldn't be one to lump these boys in with other artists. I think they're in a world of their own.
I am so far from being a fully-fledged music reviewer - someday, maybe, but for now I just write about very few specific musical things that I have a special kind of love for - but I'd give this band all the stars.

Having seen Sam under his many guises and names perform locally in pubs and clubs, and back in the day in MySpace videos, it's hard to accept the fact that someday I'll be queueing outside an O2 Academy somewhere down south or a lovely London theatre venue to see him (and his boys) jamming live to hundreds and thousands... It's hard to accept, but easy to imagine. It's not far away, either. Everything will be coming up Milhouse for these guys so so soon. 

Download everything possible to download here: 
The EP is a pay-what-you-want dealio, and it's worth any pennies you can scrounge. The cover of 'Closing Time' is just a pitch-perfect Christmas present to yourself. 

If you're gonna love, love with no regrets.

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