Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Ultimate excitement.

I have an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Brighton this weekend. Brighton, a city just a 45-minute drive (or 25, if you drive like I do) away from my hometown. As I'm not going home for a while yet, I thought I'd ask my family if they wanted to come along and see me in Brighton... Y'know, just so we can catch up and it's not too far for them to drive...

Okay, so the real reason is that I want my parents to stand there and watch me compete, with some of my favourite people, at a sport I absolutely adore. I want them to see me running and throwing and playing some awesome D, and be proud that their daughter who once got them to write notes to her teachers so she could get out of PE lessons is actually actively pursuing a sport, playing on a team for the first time ever and totally loving every shouting, sweaty moment. I want nothing more than my sister to cheer for me, my mum to be impressed when I stall someone out, my dad to work out the logistics of the game as he watches. Ever since my grandparents expressed interest in coming along, I've been determined to make them smile - maybe even laugh, which is something God only knows they need these days - when they see me running up the pitch in my bright purple shorts. I want my sister to meet the entire women's team, I want my mum to tell me how much she hates the team captain, I want my dad to ask who's who - or even guess, based on the stories I've told them all... I want my family to see me doing something I love, and I want to play to the best of my ability so I can make them proud.
Bring it, Brighton.

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