Saturday, 24 August 2013

Rainbow & Jack.

I was due to work 2pm-9:30pm. At 5:30pm, my manager said I could have a long break, and as we were quiet, I could come back at 8pm and do my last hour and a half. I'd have been upset at losing out on money, but I really needed some dinner and I'd just been offered the coveted Bank Holiday shift, a white-whale-Holy-Grail in the hospitality work world. So I caught a bus home, had some simply gorgeous leftovers for dinner, did the washing up and watched an episode and a half of Gilmore Girls. I went back to work, happy to be walking and burning calories at least, and was let go again just after 9pm.

I was in two minds; go home, get some sleep ahead of tomorrow's early shift, have a cuppa, snuggle up in bed - or hang out in town for a while, maybe get a drink and read some of my book while sitting comfortably on a bar stool. I mentioned my dilemma to my manager, and she said 'Well, I'm all for early nights, but you could always stay out and see - something amazing might happen!' This is the same manager who asked about my love life just a month or so ago, so I always feel like she's trying to push me into new things and put myself out there. Like my own life coach Terrence, me being stubborn and single Paris Geller (minus the recently deceased sixtysomething professor boyfriend). I have to admit, she inspired me.

Yes, I went 'out'. Well, to the bar across the road, where I ordered a Jack & Coke and sat for an hour or so reading 'Attachments' by Rainbow Rowell - first in my own little booth, then up at the bar, because I was somewhat taken in by the very cute bartender. Ahh, my weak spot - a clean-cut fella in a pretty shirt who can mix me a drink and happily chat about nothing for a good hour or more. These fellas are second only to tattooed musicians who love a girl who can drink her weight in whiskey and not even so much as stumble. I had a lovely time alternating between reading about Lincoln, Beth & Jennifer and learning more about this total sweetheart drying the glasses. As cliched as it was, he asked about my book. He and I discussed university, birthdays, city life - and both laughed when he said 'oh, I just got the pun in the title of your book!'

Whether it was the positively perfect book or the excitement of a potential new crush, I had the loveliest evening and walked home with a terribly obnoxious grin on my face - and a hint of blush in my cheeks.
Thank you, Rainbow and Jacky D, for such a wonderful spontaneous evening.

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