Saturday, 17 August 2013

My (as yet untitled) ECP; (plea).

So as y'all know, or are about to know, I am writing my Extended Creative Project this year, for 20% of my final grade for my Undergraduate degree. So I can have that coveted BA (Hons) next to my name when I sign off important letters or apply for a job. No big deal.
I need a 2:1 at least in order to get onto the Masters course I so desperately want a place on. Also, I need an immense portfolio of work to submit by a deadline for said course. No pressure really.
I should make sure my writing is exciting, insightful and just interesting enough that writers will want to work with me, that companies will want to employ me and so that someday I can say with absolute confidence that I am perfectly happy with my career and my life, and I'm glad I took that leap into the unknown two years ago and decided to study what I love, rather than what might guarantee me a job immediately upon graduation. No problem.

ANYWAY, anxiety attack averted. Always avoid alliteration.

Basically, for my ECP, I need some help from some brave and damn lovely individuals.
My piece is about *drum roll*... The moment I became 'Me'.
It'll be a mixture of memoir, storytelling, character profiles, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, script... Anything goes! (She says, having not met with her tutor yet)

So, what I would love more than anything, is for y'all to send me things. It can be anything; an anecdote, a word, a full-on essay, a photo, ANYTHING. Anything I can use as stimulus to write from. Anything you think is a defining moment in your life, or anyone's. A theory, a memory, a story, whatever. I wanna hear it!
If you'd prefer to be anonymous, that's totally cool - either request to be anonymous, OR message me anonymously on Tumblr, that always works. 

Comment on this blog post, OR...
Tumblr: gracieactually (gracieactually/ask)
Tweet: @GracieActually
You will all be credited if I use your anecdotes, of course. Also, I'll bake you cookies. Well, my aspiring baker sister will, probably. I'll write you the accompanying Thank You note.

My gosh. Can you tell I'm panicking about this year already?
Wish me luck!
Thank you all. :)

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  1. You know you'll get an essay, with pictures, about my life whenever you ask!

    I know exactly the moment last year when I really felt like I became 'Me' (post tattoos and piercings!) so just give me a bell when you need mine :) <3


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