Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Happy Hangover.

The Happy Hangover is a term coined by... Well, I wish I could claim it as my own, but I'm sure it's been said a million times before. However, it may mean something rather unique to me.

For me, a Happy Hangover is something I realised and uttered at the same time when describing to a friend just how fantastically beautiful my 'recently' had been; it comes about after three weeks in Australia, a night laughing with friends, some eased unease, kisses as the kettle boils, and a walk in the sunshine. It tastes like soy Chai topped with cinnamon. It calls for patterned Docs, apple-scented conditioner and minimal makeup. 
Its soundtrack is 'Hey Ho', by The Lumineers. Hangover days are spent not on the sofa feeling sorry for onself, drinking orange juice and eating greasy food, hating the world; they are spent wandering around town buying books, visiting rummage shops in the Old Town, going for a walk across the fields, and watching Rent on DVD.

The Happy Hangover lasts for a few days maximum, and is sadly vulnerable to petty arguments and extreme tiredness. However, it is still a beautiful and welcome anomaly in an especially unlucky young girl's life.

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