Tuesday, 5 March 2013

'Like Like' II - Gracie's Crush.

What do we call a crush, when we're twenty years old and touching a guy's arm affectionately when chatting to him at the SU? How about when we're twenty-five and blushing whenever that girl brushes past us in our office (and more importantly, why are we in an office?!)? Let's say we're thirty someday (don't fret, it happens to us all) and we're staring into someone's eyes and wishing, hoping, praying, they'll ask you out for a drink... What's that called? Surely by then we'd be too old for crushes.

Is there a cut-off point? Is there just a certain age we all hit when we suddenly start using 'grown-up' expressions and feeling more mature things; we start referring to our boy/girlfriends as our 'partners', and instead of getting butterflies we get anxieties about the future? 'Grown-up' terms such as being 'attracted to' someone can seem a little too scientific or anthropological for my liking.
   I like having crushes. I'd rather say 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' for as long as possible, but then again I can see how that can look rather immature as you get older. At twenty-something, I'll settle for being someone's 'other half', or even their 'better half'; that still sounds pretty cute, and hey, rather that than 'partner'!

Let's take a look at Friends here; Rachel admits to "being attracted to" sexy assistant Tag Jones (tbh Jenn, he's hotter in CSI:NY), and she even drops the C-word (crush, duh!) once or twice, as well as coming out with the usual crush-speak; "he is so pretty I wanna cry"; "I could just spread him on a cracker". We see this and laugh, because it's true! We all feel this way at one time or another. And it's lovely.
   This could escalate into a Ross-Rachel kinda crush; the schoolboy kissing her 'for some Chapstick' ("it was a dry day!"), nine years on asking her out on her would-be wedding night, getting her to babysit his monkey and then gushing to his friends over pizza about how "it's gonna happen". Someday it may even become love. But for now, it's a crush. Right, Joey?
   There are definitely varying levels of crushes; that's basically my point.

Personally, as an eternal teenager (definitely not turning twenty in five months), I think crushes should live on for as long as you feel them. Feel the feelings, the butterflies, the excitement, the motion sickness; whether you're sixteen or sixty, embrace your eternal teenager, the pierced and pink-haired pop-punk lover that stirs inside you when you see that one person walking towards you through a crowded room. If you're forty-seven, and someone can still make you blush and giggle like a seventeen year-old, that may be the most wonderful thing in the world. It's all you could ever want.

Therefore, crush moderately. Long crush doth so. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow. - Shakespeare (kind of).

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