Monday, 31 December 2012

To Do List: 2013.

I'd say these are my New Year's Resolutions, but it's really more of a To Do List. I make these lists all the time, and they're so much more fun than boring Resolutions; Resolutions feel very mandatory, like I'm being forced to do things against my will in the vain hope to become a better person. So, this is my 2013 To Do list...

1. Learn the ukulele.
I've had Britta, my Vintage light blue uke, for a couple of months now at least, and I only know the chords for 'Winter' (one of my favourite songs, a Joshua Radin classic that a friend of mine started playing one day in my bedroom and gave me all kinds of feels). This is good enough for me, but I'm sure everyone else gets bored of me playing the same few notes over and over... Plus, I don't actually know the chord names/letters, I just know the tabs. I'm a pathetic excuse for a uke player.
   I have about a dozen friends at uni who play ukulele, so I have a whole host of potential teachers, all of whom I can pay with pizza and TV. So there's To Do #1, relatively easy and can be done in the morning while wearing pyjamas and drinking tea.

2. Know my limits.
I pushed my luck and limits beyond belief and reason in 2012. I broke the Law, the actual Law, too many times; plus a few minor laws when it came to friendships, colleagues, teammates, family, etc. I drank too much (as in, alcohol) and ate too much (as in, junk) and also too little (as in, cereal or nothing at all). I wound people up, punched/slapped close friends, complained a whole lot, argued until I fell asleep, and cried on too many shoulders. My debit card moaned as I shoved it into various machines and ATMs, and my overdraft happily obliged when I was in need.
   2013, I'll abide by the Law and the laws, drink responsibly (as in, no more vodka), eat sensibly (as in, cereal just once a day), calm the violent streak, suffer in silence, stop the arguments before they start, give my friends' shoulders a well-earned break, stop abusing my card and stay out of my overdraft.

3. Write more.

Stories, poetry, articles, letters, and of course blog posts. Leave myself and my friends little handwritten notes, keep that diary I got for Christmas, send more PostSecrets. Do all my essays. Try harder to get noticed for my writing. Carry a notebook around (because cliches work). Hand in my essays and written pieces, and actually be truly proud of what I've done. Simple as.

4. Meet more people.

2012 was the year I met some amazing friends, one or two special guys/girls, and shook hands with some of my favourite artists and idols. I met people at uni that I actually wanted to meet up with over the holidays (and better yet, who actually wanted to meet up with me over the holidays), some pretty cool Frisbee people, like-minded individuals who share my interests and love of certain musicians/writers/vloggers/TV shows, a scattered group of friends to come back to and go home to. I said hi to Joshua Radin, got a hug from Gianni Luminati, and gave my secrets to Frank Warren. I found vloggers and bloggers online such as Carrie Hope Fletcher and Charlieissocoollike. I made friends in cyberspace.
   2013 is so far set to be the year I meet John and Hank Green, aka the Vlogbrothers, and hopefully many more wonderful people at uni. I'm obviously wanting to re-meet Joshua Radin if he comes back to the UK, I want Taylor Swift to tell me how I'm feeling, I fancy a dance with Ellen, I desperately need to tell Ed Sheeran that I think he's perfect, and I definitely want a hug from Carrie Hope Fletcher (a tweet was enough for 2012, but in 2013 I'll settle for nothing less than a cuddle).
Anyway, I could go on. Bring on the new people I can welcome into my life! I also want to re-meet a few individuals who made my life slightly impossible this year, start fresh, try and be friends. And who knows, there may even be that someone I've accidentally been waiting until 2013 to meet...

5. Live somewhere.

I love my house and little world in Hampshire right now, and I love my cosy little life in Sussex. Sometimes it's hard living in two places at once, travelling back and forth, sometimes feeling like I don't belong in either place or just in one... The first thing to sort out next year is where I'll be come September. The scary letting agent emails have already started to arrive, and I need to talk to my current housemates about what our plans are after the summer (I know what mine are, and I'm really excited. I just need to know theirs!). Ultimately, I just want to find a place where I'm absolutely sure I live, and belong.

6. Get better.

I need to be better, and I want to be the best, at everything I take on and try. It's a silly thing I always have in my mind whenever someone says I'm doing well at something; "'well' isn't good enough. I want to be the best!"
   When I joined Ultimate Frisbee, I was immediately frustrated that I couldn't throw forehand. I say immediately, because it was literally in the first five minutes of a casual throwaround, not even a proper training session. I eventually learnt, and now I want to get better at every aspect of the game; I want to be as good as my friends who have been playing for a year now. It might not be possible, but I'll do my best to be the best. The same theory applies to ukulele, to acting, to writing, to my uni work and paid work. I want to be better, and I want to be the best.

7. Generic "lose weight/be healthy".

The same resolution/To Do as every other year. Stay at my current weight, or lower. Keep busy, eat well, exercise, enjoy the compliments and think "yes, I earned this". Also, discourage people from saying "skinny" by way of a compliment. That word never sounds like a good thing.

8. Be a better person.

What it says on the tin. No more lying, no excuses, no pointless grudges and fights. Fix things. Earn love and be happy with myself. Don't waste a single second on people who don't care. The usual good things that I don't do.

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