Friday, 19 October 2012

My Resolutions: The Story So Far.

Back in July, while at home and desperately homesick for university, I compiled a list of New Year's Resolutions to be taken into consideration when I started my second year. Well, here I am. It's been a month, and already I think I've crossed a few off my list...

1. Join a sports team.
I've finally joined Ultimate Frisbee, after a year of umm'ing and ahh'ing over it. I obviously love it just as much as I'd imagined I would, and I've already started my ongoing mission to be the best player ever. I'd forgotten, in these past few years of not playing any sport, just how competitive I can be. 
Also, I definitely missed running around; strange, considering I used to be the girl at high school who would fake a "girly pain" to get out of a PE lesson five minutes in (then hide in the toilets for the remaining hour). I may just be a newbie at the moment, but I'd really like to get to the standard of the guys and girls who've been playing for over a year, and be a valued team member.

2. Be in more Student Scene videos.
The Student Scene are, as I've mentioned before, a fun-loving group of people who just happen to be paid by the university to put on parties at the SU and take photos of us students when we're a little worse for wear and dressed in the most ridiculous outfits. One of the first things I did when coming back to university was buy a wireless Student Scene Access Card, which enables me to attend all their events with just a swipe as I walk in; best £15 I have ever spent. I attended their American House Party a few weeks ago, basically just a night of boozing and Beer Pong played by students in American flag leggings and shorts, and had yet another awesome night. As usual, the fellas were wandering around the dancefloor with their video cameras, and after several failed attempts to get their attention I actually walked up to one cameraman and told him about my New Year's Resolution to be in more of their videos; he said "you have to bust some serious moves!" then asked if my friends and I would be comfortable messing around with one another for the camera. I'm not proud of it (I am), but hey, I got in the video!

See me make my cameo at 1:14 and 1:21! I'm the one with the red lipstick and the fringe.

3. Do my housework and take care of my bedroom.
At the present moment, I'm sitting at my desk in my little room with an airer next to me totally overloaded with wet laundry, my bed is stripped, my washing up is done, I've taken out the recyclables and I'm setting aside an hour or two tomorrow to use the dryers on campus - because I found out the hard way that a house with no heating whatsoever means damp clothes hung everywhere for a week before they are wearable. My bedroom has had so much time and love poured into it over the past few weeks, and also a lot of money spent on it. I have posters, fairy lights, patterned throws, more posters, stacks of books and DVDs, pretty bedding and more posters. My jars are sitting on the windowsill, my desk is covered in girly magazines and everything smells sweet thanks to a couple of £1.50 scented candles. I think I've done well with this resolution, at least so far. We'll see how the place looks in a few months, when my assignments are due.

7. Don't be a slut.

Now, this was by no means the hardest resolution to make and has proved almost too easy to keep; so far only my friends have seen the inside of my little bedroom and no fellas have been "all up on this" (a term my friend genuinely uses daily). As a rule, I don't "get with" people on a night out, as we should all know by now, and indeed I will only do so much as kiss someone when I have a good enough reason to. For instance, last night at Carnage one item on my Carnage Checklist was "Pull 5 Randoms", and although I hate/don't understand the whole concept of pulling, I guess a kiss or two counts, right?
I'm definitely still too naive to be in danger of becoming a slut.

8. Keep my friends.

I did have some rotten luck with friends last year; I fell in with the wrong crowd, I lost a few of my closest friends from home (and I am still unsure why)... So far this year I am maintaining my existing friendships, and making even more. I'm also really fighting for my friendships - something I should have done more of last year.

11. Don't get homesick.

So far, I have only felt that pulling feeling in my chest when thinking about home a couple of times. I saw my family last weekend when they came up to visit me, and I call them fairly regularly just to catch up and hear the latest news. I've even introduced the concept of FaceTime to them all - it's blown many minds. Although of course I'll always miss home when I'm not there, I'm so busy lately that I don't have as much time to sit around and miss it like I did last year. I'm only going back once before the Christmas holidays, and I intend to make the most of it, really get my fix.

12. Take more photos.

I am the girl with the camera. A girl actually recognized me last night due to the photos she's seen uploaded onto Facebook - "you're the girl with the wicked photos!" That's me. I was in my element last week when we had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party; there were over a hundred photos of our amazing friendship group all dressed up and drinking vodka out of cups labelled 'Drink Me'. I also have started taking photos on my phone - oh, the wonders of the iPhone! It's a whole new world!

 13. Hang out.

I'm walking up and down Stanmore Lane several times a week, visiting friends and hanging out. Last week I got the bus to my friends' house straight from work to watch some Saturday night TV, and the other night I was round there making pasta. I'll use any excuse to walk up or down the road to see people. However, I do love my own house, too. I've spent a few evenings cotching on the sofa with my housemates watching Gilmore Girls with cups of tea and dinner.

14. Make more effort.

I like to think that so far this year I've made a massive amount of effort everywhere I can... I went crazy over referencing and sourcing documents and articles for my first assignment, I'm working extremely hard at both my jobs, I have To Do lists and timetables stuck up on my wardrobe and my mini Pukka pad is already almost full after just four weeks of lectures.Although, all my efforts are not necessarily in the academic or careers field. I spent three days working on a costume for my friend's Alice In Wonderland-themed birthday party; I bought fabric pens and plain white clothes, cut out card and drew on whiskers, and spent a whole day sitting on the floor of my living room working my way through three discs of Gilmore Girls and colouring in my white clothes with pink and purple stripes. I was the best and most committed Cheshire Cat there ever was.

15. Take more risks.
I've not taken as many risks as I'd like over the past couple of months, however the few I have taken have been big'uns. I auditioned for a play called 'When It Rains Gasoline', and somehow got a part. I applied for three jobs, got offers from them all, and accepted two. I auditioned for a musical, just because I never had before and I thought it'd be a giggle. I sang in front of people (this IS a big deal). I made a video and put it on YouTube. I told someone how I really felt. I used milk that was past its use-by date.

This year is already going better than last. I'm actually working hard, and I only realised the other day just how many Resolutions I've already ticked off. Is this a sign of things to come? I certainly hope so. Keep your fingers crossed for me...

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