Friday, 7 September 2012

The Bookmark Bar Thing.

This post is about my feels on the bookmark bar...intrigued? Read on! 

The theory is that one can tell a lot about another person by their bookmarked pages on their browser. For instance, I've asked my housemate and she has the following pages saved: YouTube, Wikipedia, Game FAQs, Red Bull Snowboarding, Odeon Bournemouth, Empire Cinemas, a Swedish/English dictionary, and MP3raid. I feel like I know more about her life just hearing the site names. I also know for a fact that my little sister has several Taylor Swift fansites saved in her bookmarks bar, plus her school Intranet and the Taylor Swift VEVO page.

So let's take a look at my bookmarks...
  1. My best friends' Blogspot pages. I like to keep up to date on my favourite people's lives, and this is much easier to do now that I've convinced them all to start a blog and saved their URLs on my browser.
  2. myfitnesspal; a website devoted to calorie counting, exercise logging and meal planning. This might make me seem determined to lose weight and obsessive over that perfect hourglass, but in reality it was just saved on there as a result of a fling with caring about my body. Let me tell you, a week at a music festival eating just one portion of chips a day will do more wonders for your figure than six months of calorie clicks and running on the spot in your bedroom.
  3. Sainsburys job search. My daily ritual of logging into my recruitment account and desperately seeking supermarket jobs in my area is fruitless, pointless, but relentless.
  4. Tumblr. This is a rather silly thing to have bookmarked, considering I can just type 'T' into my address bar and Tumblr appears. It's an addiction, and I'm not even ashamed.
  5. SplendidFred. The online magazine I occasionally write pieces for. My latest piece is currently headlining (it's a slightly edited version of my previous blog post about Reading Festival).
  6. WeHeartIt. A site of beautiful images and gifs, where everything is lit with fairy lights and washed down with a spoonful of Nutella. I often use this page for a) pictures to accompany blog posts, b) Tumblr posts, c) something pretty to look at.
  7. I also have a folder of gifs, to be used when appropriate - often in response to an anonymous ask on Tumblr, or to cheer a friend up when they're down.
  8. Charlieissocoollike's YouTube page. I can't help it. I'm in love with this guy.
  9. Cyanide and Happiness. I do adore this comic, however I'll admit that their recent stuff just isn't up to scratch. Bring back the classics please!

I think that paints a fair picture of me as a person/internet user. After reading my friend's bookmarks, however, I have realised the only thing missing is a live feed of kittens with scientist names.
So, blogger peeps, what do you have bookmarked? Because this bookmark bar tag is totally going to become a thing.

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