Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Uni blues.

Recently I've been consumed with my longing to get back to university. Not that I don't love spending day after day sitting on the sofa at home staring blankly at the TV and my laptop, and sneaking in at 3am after the occasional (and very rare) night out, making sure I don't wake my parents or little sister by stepping on creaky floorboards or banging the bathroom door shut...
Seriously though, I do adore being home most of the time, and you can't beat the home comforts. I've been eating more healthily, going to the gym and spending quality time with the family; my lunches with Mum are a daily treat, I love driving my little sister to and from school, and it's nice being able to chat to my Dad whenever I feel like it.

There are little things I miss about uni life, though. Privacy, for one. I had a lock on my bedroom door at uni, and although I don't have too much of an issue with people walking in and out of my room at home, it's just a nice feeling being able to lock the door. I also sometimes miss my snack drawer I had at uni, and the general ability to eat whatever I want whenever I want. Making toast with Nutella every night at 11pm, having a massive pasta dish for lunch and ordering Dominos a couple of times a week... I even miss spelling dirty words with the fridge magnets.

I think people underestimate just how boring my life is nowadays. I say to friends when we're planning a day/night out: "just let me know which day, I'm free whenever!" And I do honestly mean I am free whenever. I don't have a steady job - nowhere will employ me as I'm only here until September, so I'm doing writing and photography work plus taxi services to earn some cash, I feel like a struggling artist... I don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, which is what seems to occupy my friends' time the most, and I don't have any pressing family obligations coming up - although I do love to spend lunchtimes every day watching CSI with my mum, and it's my birthday next week, although that's obviously not an obligation.
I've got into a pattern with my parents recently; they'll suggest I meet up with a friend, and I'll say "I can't, they're busy. They have a life!" A life in this situation meaning a job, a relationship and a lot of plans.

I hear from friends in Winchester who have already moved into their new houses, who are settling in and spending every day together decorating, going shopping or just sitting talking in front of the TV. They're mostly just bored and worrying about money. I am so jealous of them all. I want to move into my new house, start decorating my new bedroom, cook myself something really unhealthy and hang out with my friends.
Only one more month of waiting...

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