Monday, 16 July 2012

Let's talk.

For some reason, certain topics of conversation seem to be either totally acceptable or completely off limits with certain people. There are some friends with whom you can discuss anything and everything, while others you feel the need to stick to a smaller range of subjects. Why is this?

Sitting on the pavement eating Pizza GoGo's £1.50 finest, chatting about which sexual positions we have tried and our personal bests.

Standing outside in the smoking area selling fags for a quid each to drunk strangers, talking about how long it's been since we all had sex. Then one of our friends joins us, and we immediately stop and switch topics.

Saturday night with two of my favourite girls, sitting on my best friend's bedroom floor drinking Malibu and lemonade, having my makeup done and giggling so much my lipstick gets smudged. Checking out each other's Ann Summers purchases, t
alking about one night stands.

Shivering in the queue to get into the club, pointing at our mutual male friend in front, whispering about how badly we all want to "climb that like a tree", some of us having only just met.

Subtly avoiding mentioning a fuck buddy's name when telling a friend a funny story, instead referring to the buddy as "him", because for some reason mentioning the name implies sex and the two of you just don't discuss that.

Seeing a friend blush when you utter the word "period", or hearing their voice wobble when they have to say "sex". Later agreeing with other friends never to mention anything of the sort when we next all hang out, to avoid making her uncomfortable. She's one of those friends who'd like to think that none of us have a love life, or even a vagina.

Why is it that you can talk to some friends, acquaintances, or even people you've just met about intimate matters, but with other friends, even close friends, it's an absolute no-no. Stick to strictly superficial stuff; the weather, TV shows, pets, etc.
Why must you switch from a deliciously risque discussion to a lighthearted fluffy chat in a matter of seconds, just because someone can't handle it. I'm not saying we should all broadcast our innermost secrets and chatter away to everyone we know about our best orgasms, I'm simply wondering out loud. As usual.

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  1. This has happened before with a friend of mine whenever I meet up with friends from school. Keep in mind this friend has had less romantic experience than I have (and that's saying a lot), so discussing sex is obviously off the cards, but he gets antsy when we talk about the base system, or even the process of asking people out.

    It's a wee bit annoying.


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