Thursday, 19 July 2012

Happy Birthday to me...

My birthday is my favourite time of year. It is also the most awkward time of year. It always falls in the summer holidays, which I used to think was wonderful because I hated the thought of spending my birthday at school - but now I'm thinking how nice it would have been to walk around school all day wearing a birthday badge and carrying balloons and bags of presents like everyone else did, being wished a Happy Birthday by every teacher and every student, even those I didn't know. I'm only realising now I am at uni just how inconvenient a summer birthday is. My friends are not only scattered all over the country and have to spend a fortune on petrol or train tickets to see me, but also the majority of them are on holiday abroad on the day of my birthday and the weeks leading up to it. I have to plan a birthday party around holidays and work out a way to get everyone together, and I'll be honest... It's impossible.

I miss the days when your parents organised your birthday parties for you, and they always happened on the day of your birthday or the closest Saturday afternoon to it, and it was always in your back garden or the local village hall, and you played games with balloons and ate cake shaped like a ladybird (just me? Okay).Recently, all my birthday has done is stressed me out. It shouldn’t be like that.

Also, who wants to know why I was born at such an awkward time? Because my Mum planned her pregnancy so she'd be on maternity leave when Wimbledon was on TV.

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  1. The more i read your blog, the more i love it.
    I'm born in february. Last time there was a snow storm, so my friends were unable to attend my small gathering, or they were skiing somewhere in france. Damn you snow.


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