Sunday, 15 January 2012

Televisual magic.

My sister and I had an argument tonight. This is extremely rare; we are almost the best of friends nowadays. So naturally, it was the worst argument sisterkind has ever seen; raging on for several hours which included storm-offs, screaming, sulking and floods of tears. Not what I'd pictured happening on my last night at home before going back to university. However, some time around midnight, after the bomb blasts had died down and the wails had subsided into hushed sobs, I crept into my sister's room and whispered: "wanna watch the last ever episode of Gilmore Girls with me?"

We snuck downstairs in our pyjamas with a blanket and watched our favourite show. Suddenly we were giggling, and crying nothing but happy tears. It's official; Gilmore Girls has magical argument-ending hurt-healing powers. x

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