Friday, 6 January 2012


I was called into work last-minute yesterday. For anyone else, that would ruin their whole day and they could only take solace in the fact that they would be earning a few extra pennies. For me, however, my job is day well spent in a beautiful little boutique surrounded by gorgeous items, and my wages are just a nice little bonus. I spent the last few hours of the day looking after the shop while my boss rushed out to chase her deliveries and buy a few necessities. Before she left, she wanted to hear all the gossip in my life, particularly the gossip from Monday night; she knew I'd been going out to see my friends and hopefully bump into the guy I like, and I'd promised to keep her updated.

I told her, as I've only told a couple of close friends, exactly what happened; the promising night that was ruined in the last hour, the painful moment when I was proved wrong about everything, and the reason why I drove home in tears listening to "Jar Of Hearts" and singing along between sobs. Her jaw dropped and she shouted: "shut up!!!" She then spent fifteen minutes of her precious shopping time listening to me complain and giving me heartfelt advice. 
This is why I love my boss.

I then spent the evening sitting in her kitchen, eating way too much delicious food and drinking way too much wine, and bitching about the men in our lives. Well, for her, the men that used to be in her life. As we were talking, her lovely fianc
é walked in the front door, just getting home from work. I sat there, wine glass in hand, and watched the betrothed couple catch up, talk about their respective days, and test their kitchen lights to see why they keep randomly switching off. I couldn't help but think: "yes, this is what I want. Someday".

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