Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Solidarity, sister.

Advance warning: this is yet another Gilmore Girls-inspired blog post. However, it is based on my longstanding principles when it comes to protecting my friends. A friend of mine was once telling me about a girl he really liked who ended up breaking his heart over the summer (ahhh, summer lovin'), and when he was finished telling the story, I simply said: "bitch". And that was it; my opinion of this girl was forever changed. She was a bitch, and nothing anyone said to the contrary could change my mind.

I am fiercely protective of my friends, to the point that I will resort to bad language and violence in public. I once elbowed a girl on the back of her head at a gig, causing her to fall down and whack her face very satisfactorily on the stage, because she dumped my friend and used a quote from 'Twilight' as her reasoning. I viciously verbally abused a guy who cheated on my best friend. I kneed a guy in the balls round the back of McDonalds after he manipulated one of my favourite girls. Last night I had a conversation with my friend about "drop-kicking" her ex "so hard that his mother would feel it" (her words).

I realised a while ago that I get this sense of inhuman loyalty and protectiveness from my mum and her side of the family. I told my mum about "the incident" the other night, and she shouted "bastard!" Then later when I mentioned the heartbreaker's name again she simply said "tosser". I am also thrilled to see that my sister is picking up on our funny family trait; yesterday I picked her up from school in my car, playing some classic Taylor Swift a little too loud. She got in the car, and instantly said: "huh, 'Picture to Burn'... Who's upset you?"

Rory: "Ughh, I hate her!"
Lorelai: "I hate her too!"
Rory: "You don't know who I'm talking about."
Lorelai: "Solidarity, sister!"

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