Thursday, 12 January 2012

It's a cliché for a reason.

When you go away to university, you realise just how good life at home is. You appreciate your family more, and everything they do for you. I've started thanking my mum for making my dinner every night, for doing my laundry, and for making my bed. I am spending all my free time in front of the glorious HD television, because I know in a matter of days I will be back to watching programmes on the catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer and 4OD, on my tiny laptop screen in a not-so-glorious and heavily pixelated format. When I'm not enjoying live television, I'm out in my little Polo driving way above the speed limit and singing along to my special "driving" mix CDs. I've been picking up my little sister from school, having lunch with my mum, seeing my friends, visiting my grandparents, and wandering around my little town as much as possible. I want to soak it all up before I leave it all behind again.

Recently, every time someone has asked me: "are you looking forward to going back to uni?" I have replied with: "Well, right now I'm just enjoying being at home." Because, in all honesty, I'm nowhere near as excited about going back as everyone else I know seems to be. In fact, there have been many moments when I've been dreading it.

I think today, for the first time since coming home for the holidays, I have felt genuinely excited about going back. Possibly because I have found out my new timetable and seminar groups, possibly because I'm making plans with a few uni friends to meet up and go out, possibly because I'm looking forward to having that amazing (if sometimes overwhelming) feeling of independence again; the freedom to stay up until 3am just sitting in my bedroom eating pancakes and watching movies, play drinking games in someone else's kitchen, Skype endlessly, visit friends at their various universities on the weekends, and wear pyjamas for days at a time. I think for a long time, I've been focusing on the bad things. It's time to start remembering what there is to love and look forward to, and make the most of this life opportunity that I am lucky enough to have. x

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