Monday, 2 January 2012

The 'D' word.

"Destiny is for losers. It's just a lame excuse for letting things happen to you, instead of making them happen." - Blair Waldorf.

Despite the deep-seated wisdom of American television's favourite brunette, I really do believe in destiny. The word "destiny" sounds a little dramatic, so let's just say I believe that everything happens for a reason (except for the things you mess up by yourself, of course).

I believe that I was meant to meet everyone in my life, including those who have hurt me. I was meant to gain and lose certain friends, and I was meant to fall for those whom I have fallen for. If I see a penny on the pavement, I know it was there for me to find. If I bump into the same people more than twice, I feel like I am supposed to meet them. I take any opportunities presented to me simply because I feel I am meant to.

Last year when I didn't get a job I really wanted, everyone said to me: "you just weren't meant to get it at this time", and I didn't believe them - then a short while later the person they hired instead of me was sacked and I got offered the job on the spot. I happened to have the exact same timetable as my best friends' last year, and we all got the same trains to and from college. I happened to be sitting outside on the field one day for just a couple of minutes when a certain boy drove up on his motorbike.

"A person often meets their destiny on the road they took to avoid it." - Jean de la Fontaine.

Controversial opinion imminent: I believe that some people are meant to be together. I wouldn't use the 'S' word, because that seems a little extreme, but I definitely think some people were supposed to meet, supposed to fall in love, and are supposed to spend their lives together. Months ago, I was upset at first that a guy I liked had a new girlfriend. Then he told me their story, and I realised they were meant to be together (if not forever, at least for now). I have a similar person in my life, so I understand.

I do feel guilty sometimes, because the guy I may or may not be "seeing" at the moment is clearly meant to be with another girl, a girl I know in fact. However, she's with someone else right now and has made it very clear she doesn't care about the former of the two guys at all.  So, y'know...

"Well, he may not be my soulmate but, a girl's gotta eat!" - Phoebe Buffay.

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