Thursday, 29 December 2011

"This is SO going in my blog!"

Behold: the English Lit Crew 2010-11.
For a whole year the six of us crowded around a table only intended for four, laughing and gossiping our way through what would otherwise be deathly boring lessons. Our teacher was frequently distracted from her PowerPoint presentations and in-depth poetry analysis by our random questions about her home life or comments about her shoes (usually goth-like loafers or a brightly-coloured pair from her famous collection of Doc Martens), and secretly loved us for it. We were the table everyone wanted to sit at.

When you leave college and move on to university, or start a job, you realise who you want to stay in contact with, and who you definitely don't; who will make the effort to stay in contact with you, and who doesn't bother. Somehow, despite all of us going to different universities all around the country, and two of us doing gap years, we stay in contact and make the effort to meet up over the holidays, and the English Lit Crew remains strong.

In the Spring break, we went to the cinema as a group, and before we went our separate ways in September we all had lunch at the local American Diner. Today, we spent the afternoon at John's; eating Christmas leftovers, exploring his rather amazing house and chatting all kinds of shit for hours. The four of us who are currently at uni wanted to hear all the Eastbourne gossip, get all the details on Stabby and Pheebs' new boyfriends, bitch about Becky's ex, and hear about my recent one-night escapade. We never got round to the planned Disney movie marathon, sadly.

I also found out today that darling John reads this blog as well as my tumblr. And for that, I shall love him forever. He even said to me: "you'd better blog about this day!"

One thing I love about our funny little group (we carefully decided which of the 'Friends' characters we all were today) is that we are all honest with each other, and always say what we really feel, no holds barred. For instance, I mentioned the name of the guy I spent the night with on Monday, and everyone was straight in there with their opinions on him: "I don't see what's attractive about him", "isn't he a massive slag?", "I like him, because he bought me a drink once." It's so refreshing to hear what your friends really think, after years of nodding along and insincere "I'm happy for you"'s.

Basically, I really hope we all stay friends. I love y'all. Also it would be cool (and mighty handy) in the future to know an artist, a doctor, a make-up artist, and two highly-paid geniuses; five people who generally have style and make me laugh hysterically every minute we're together. x

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