Thursday, 15 December 2011

Life, recently.

Remember back in September when I blogged about that awkward phase between getting A Level results and starting uni, when everyone was frantically arranging final day trips and night outs with friends, and saying endless goodbyes? Remember that famous overused phrase that I grew to loathe? "See you at Christmas".

Well, now there's a new contender for the title of Most Overused Farewell Phrase: "see you after Christmas!" I had my last Drama lecture of 2011 today, and afterwards I went to the canteen with a few Drama friends and we all had a hearty farewell fry-up breakfast. Then I spent an hour in the library (which I have only set foot in twice in the past three months), polished off the last of my coursework and homework, and handed it all in two hours before the deadline. I walked back up the dreaded hill to my house feeling as though an immense weight had been lifted off my shoulders; like a swarm of black clouds that had been hovering above my head for weeks had suddenly cleared to reveal nothing but beautiful blissful sunshine beneath them. I felt so free.

I've had my best girl staying with me since Sunday night, and I only said goodbye to her a few hours ago - it's been a week of staying up until ridiculous o'clock, eating our way through an entire packet of cream crackers, bitching about the boys in our lives and generally putting the world to rights. I convinced her to create a
blog and set up a Twitter account for her (her bio reads: 'Gracie made me do it'). Last night we were awake until 4am, despite me having a 9am lecture, snuggled up in bed watching Jeremy Kyle. As usual, it was sad seeing her off at the train station tonight, but this time I was comforted by the fact that I'll be seeing her again in a couple of days - and probably countless times over the next month we have at home. 

I told my mum (Lorelai) that my bestie had gone home early and I'd submitted all my work, and suddenly she called me and said "I'm picking you up tomorrow!" Even though we'd originally agreed to have the whole family pick me up on Saturday morning. Apparently my darling Mumma couldn't wait that long - and to be honest, neither could I. So tomorrow I get to sleep in, go to my last lecture of 2011 (Scriptwriting, my favourite) and then my mum will pick me up and we'll have one of our lovely long drives together; singing along to CDs such as Usher and Pussycat Dolls, stopping at every service station we pass for coffee, and catching up on everything in each other's lives.

I won't lie, besides the Strictly Come Dancing Grand Final on Saturday night (COME ON HARRY!), the drive home is what I'm looking forward to the most. x

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