Friday, 23 December 2011

I have a question...

Due to past experience, I have been led to believe that the male gender have a very different attitude to the female when it comes to friendship.

The best example of this is the classic ex-boyfriend saying: "of course we can still be friends", or my ex-boyfriend, who went one better and said: "let's be best friends!"
Of course, this didn't last. I don't think he expected it to either... But I was foolish enough to believe that he genuinely wanted us to stay in each others' lives; we'd spent a year and a half together being ridiculously close, maybe as close as two people can be, so it made sense that we remain friends. It would be stupid to lose contact completely...

So boys, answer me this: do you stay friends with a girl, but then cut her loose as soon as you realise that there is absolutely no chance of something more? Like your ex-girlfriends; you've already slept with them, so why should you keep them around? Do you restrict your quota of female friends exclusively to attractive girls that you have yet to have sex with?

Seriously. Let me know. Because in my experience, and in many other girls' experience for that matter, this is always the case. x


  1. I'm close friends with all my ex girlfriends. I can't understand how two people can be together and suddenly stop talking. Obviously I liked spending time with them, otherwise we wouldn't have dated. It would seem odd to give that up just because it didn't work out romantically.

    Furthermore, I get on better with girls than I do guys. Most of the time I will want nothing more. Occasionally I will want something more, but I've learnt to deal with it if she doesn't.

    Long blog comment over.

  2. completely agree with Phil, but it is true that some people boys and girls can't handle being friends with ex's.

    Also some people are just dicks


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