Sunday, 23 October 2011

You and your rules.

A while back I said (and tweeted): "the rules are different at uni." This could not be more true. In the four weeks that I've been here, I've learnt so many things... And I don't mean on my course.
I've learnt that since I don't have a TV, YouTube is my new best friend; that you must always wear some form of shoes when using the toilet in 'shared facilities' accommodation, and that I can eat a whole packet of chocolate Bourbons in less than an hour.
I've also learnt that your housemates won't always be nice people, that "being casual" with someone you really like doesn't work, and that sometimes the best thing you can do is pretend everything is fine.
My new bedtime is "any time after 3am", and my average weekend lie-in lasts until 2pm. Drinking is no longer a fun weekly option, it's a mandatory nightly activity. A lovely home and loving family to go back and visit on a weekend isn't a right, it's a privilege.
The rules are indeed very different at uni. Trust me, you leave with so much more than a degree. x

PS: I started a perverted little competition on my Twitter last night at 2am (it was a product of severe overtiredness and boredom) to see if anyone could guess which person in this photo I have slept with. I would delete the tweet that started it, but I got some pretty funny responses. Hint: it's not the girl with the red tie (disappointing, I know). x

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