Friday, 1 July 2011

I'm fine.

When I'm not in one of my frequent fits of jealousy and depression, I sometimes feel this overwhelming sense of peace and serenity, and finally... Some perspective.
I realise that not only is an ex moving on an inescapable fact of life, it's also a good thing. They're happy, and they've found someone who is good for them - maybe even better than I was. Also, their new partner might appreciate them more than I ever did. I took him for granted for about 90% of the time, and this girl seems to genuinely love the fact that she has him in her life.

That's not to say my jealous, wistful ex-girlfriend character won't appear now and again, reminiscing about that 10% of the time when I looked at him and thought to myself: "wow, I'm the luckiest girl in the world!" But I promise that I'll try to keep that part of me quiet from now on.

I think ultimately we're all meant to be with someone, and sometimes we're meant to be with several different and equally wonderful people along the way...
I wish the best for you both. Keep him smiling for me sweetie. x

PS: I'm sorry!

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