Monday, 11 July 2011

I don't fantasize... Much.

I'm not a girl who spends her spare time concocting crazy, unrealistic, grand-scale fantasies. I know better than to let myself want anything out of my reach, and I know how to keep both feet on the ground. Instead I just dream up the best possible outcomes of actual events, and let myself imagine what it would be like if something went right.

My most recent fantasy is not becoming rich and famous, marrying my soulmate and having a blissful life in pure luxury with our gorgeous children and fortune of multi-millions.

It's me driving 33 miles this Saturday, picking up a certain boy in my car and bringing him to my birthday party. Chatting happily on the journey to my house, setting up decorations and party food together and arguing over what music to play.

I know deep down that this is just as unrealistic as the marriage and multi-millions fantasy, but... A girl can dream. x

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