Thursday, 30 June 2011

It's weird having this kind of bond with another girl. Sorry, with three other girls. I've been with two guys, one of whom had sex with another girl before me, and both guys have had sex with another girl since me (for my extended feelings on this, please refer to my blog about being a "stepping stone"). The girl who was with the second guy before me, came right up to me at a party a while ago and shouted in my face: "we've both had sex with the same guy!" I was a bit baffled, then she got closer to me, stared right into my eyes and whispered: "I bet I was better." She then ran off giggling smugly with her friends.

The incident was predominantly hilarious, but it also made me think. This awful girl and I now share a major life experience. I barely know her, just like I barely know that guy's new girl or the other guy's new girl... (confusing I know, bear with me!) Yet now we're connected in a pretty personal way. I can't understand best friends who share sexual partners. Like I said, I barely know these girls and the thought of them doing the same intimate things I once did (okay, maybe not exactly the same...) with my two guys gives me chills. A part of me wants to pretend it's not true. Another, sickly curious, part of me wants to know how I compare to those other girls.

Coincidentally, I happened to receive a text recently that simply said: "you were the best. xxx" Well, if you say so... x

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