Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's so cosy in your head.

I just want to make a few things clear.
The people in my life, are there because they deserve to be. I lost two best friends last year, and recently I've become friends with both of them again everything between us was resolved, and more importantly because they made the effort. Throughout life people will come and go, and I really appreciate the people who come back, and the people who stay. First we all went our separate ways to college, and instantly it became clear who was going to make the effort to remain friends and who really wasn't. Those in the latter group have no hope come September. Soon they will learn that as we all spread out around the country for university and jobs, it gets more and more difficult to keep people close and they will just have to try harder. Some people I know will just sit and complain about how everyone is moving on without them, and how everyone has a new life and new friends... Then before long, there will be a fall-out. It always happens. Learn from your mistakes, make the effort, and stop wasting your time trying to get to me - because it won't work. x

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