Friday, 10 June 2011

I'm sad to go, happy to leave.

Yesterday was my last ever day at college. My last ever lesson was Drama. We played games, ate cake and didn't stop laughing (even when our teacher was giving us a heartfelt goodbye speech).
Then we had our Performing Arts Awards Evening. Obviously I didn't win anything, but I was so happy because everyone I voted for won. The musical theatre kids sang songs from the 50s and 60s, and to finish our Drama teacher sang "Every Time We Say Goodbye". It was really sweet actually.

Then we all went to the pub. My friend got drunk and confessed his love for one of my best girl friends, after seeing her kissing one of HIS friends... Wow, awkward. Luckily, I'm excellent at looking after my drunk friends.

While all this was going on, I kept thinking about my first ever Drama lesson at college. How I was completely swept away by the amazing things we did in the one lesson. I was blown away by some peoples' talents and my teacher's crazy passion. I met a wonderful boy.
I had a tiny argument with a hideous girl last night, some of us know her as "Warhoe". She was drunk and rambling about how her and this boy have a complicated romantic history, and I took advantage of her drunken state by shouting suddenly "I can assure you, he and I have a way more complicated history than you two ever will! So do everyone a favour and shut up."
She shut up. Even my very drunk friend was impressed.

Also, a certain ginger girl was giving me disgusted and hateful looks all night. I know why. Like my very wise, very tall friend says... Everything comes back to Ashford.

Despite everything, at least I ended this year on a high note. x

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