Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I wonder...

If they're still together. If I will pass my exams. If I will get into university. What people will think of my outfit tomorrow night. If I will survive this weekend. If I am capable of doing horrible things. If he fancies me a little bit too. If I was actually nominated for any of the awards tomorrow night. Why I can't stand myself 99% of the time. If I'll ever ever ever have sex again in this lifetime. Whether or not I'll have a bad dream tonight. If he still thinks about me. If he knows how badly I need him back in my life. If he has forgiven me yet. If anyone will watch the videos I'm making. If I'll ever get bored of watching Easy A. If I'll ever be able to watch 500 Days of Summer again without bursting into tears. If he remembers how "right" it felt. If anyone cares. x

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