Friday, 10 June 2011

I told her.

Also... I accidentally told my Drama teacher what happened last year.
I was looking at some of the photos that had been stuck on the walls of the theatre. There were a few photos of us last year, during rehearsals for our play. So I was standing there looking at them, maybe getting a little tearful, and I saw a photo of a girl who hates me (one of many, all for the same reason). My teacher came up behind me and said "you alright, beautiful?"
I replied: "that girl really hates me."
"Why?" ...And I told her. I also told her I haven't properly spoken to you since, and she gave me the biggest hug in the world, started crying and said "did you get hurt? Did that boy hurt you?!"
"It's a long story."

Sometimes I feel like she genuinely cares about what happens to me. I'll miss that. x

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