Sunday, 5 June 2011

I got a reply!

This is shocking and outstanding. My "soulmate" has texted me back!
It's funny; last year we spent every day together, shared everything with each other, fell insanely stupidly in love and spent a whole weekend together in bed. You'd think we would still be on speaking terms.

Yet no, the closest we get is one text in a whole year. I did send that "It's been a year, I miss you" text, never in a million years expecting a reply. I just wanted him to know.
Then a week later, he replies. Saying he doesn't regret what happened, and another goodbye. I texted back something pretty soppy, and "I hope we'll see each other again." Then a few minutes later, he says... "someday soon".

Hey, you should know better than to give me hope. x

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