Friday, 13 May 2011

It's a shame.

We used to be so close. Seeing each other every weekend, going round each other's houses on weeknights, cooking pasta together, texting all day and way into the night, sleeping together, going to the Ashford designer outlet to buy shoes, watching stupid films, staying up ridiculously late, and never ending a phone call without saying "I love you".

One time you came round my house, and I was in my room crying. You opened my door and instantly grabbed me, hugged me tight then sat with me and listened to me cry and complain about my silly little problems for over an hour. You were the one person was always there for me when everyone else let me down.

It's so sad that after everything we went through together, all those good times, now we only see each other twice a week when I drive past you in the mornings, and there's nothing we can do but stare. It's so very sad. x

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