Friday, 6 May 2011

It was the tyre or me, I swear!

So today, I'm turning into the treacherous Wartling road, when suddenly a massive lorry comes zooming round the corner right at me, trying to turn out of the spot where I'm turning in... (it makes sense in my head!)
If I hadn't swerved hard into the curb next to me, it would have hit me head-on. My beautiful car and I would have been a pile of glass, mix CDs and raspberry jam. As a result, I got a puncture in a front tyre and had to pull over, but I'm happy because it could have been so much worse!

Some lovely grandparents-type folks even pulled over and helped me change the tyre. So many people pulled over and tried to help; I was so touched. My faith in human kindness has been temporarily restored.

I used to have an amazing friend who told me he had an angel watching over him. I normally don't believe that kinda thing, but he was so sincere about it that I instantly believed him. Apparently he was turning out of a junction once on his stupid motorbike, and suddenly he heard a voice in his ear: "don't!" Whatever it was, it saved his life; he hesitated, and a van whooshed past at that very moment. I miss him and his funny ways. He would do the craziest things, then explain them flawlessly. I made fun of his accent, and his resemblance to Harry Potter. I'd give anything to make fun of him again someday.

Deep. x

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