Monday, 2 May 2011

I'm a green fool.

So today was May Day. Which means: Jack in the Green in Hastings!
I invited loads of my Eastbourne friends along so they could enjoy the celebrations for the first time, and we all dressed up and went crazy with face paint.

What was actually quite good about today was that as soon as I arrived at Hastings, I instantly ran into every single person I had been dreading seeing. I was up most of last night stressing about all the people from my past who I was sure to see around town, and I was actually really happy to get that unpleasantness out of the way at the beginning of the day. I got to do the lovely awkward-ex-girlfriend thing, and say hi to the ex and his new girl... It seemed like a good idea at the time, I swear! And I'm sorry I did it, because it was the worst situation I've ever found myself in. It was like there was a wall up between us... I got the shakes, I blushed, and my throat went completely dry. This never happens to me! Stupid stupid girl I am. I was so relieved when my friends arrived, they all hugged me and we ran out of the station; me trying not to cry out of sheer horror.

THEN on the walk down from the station, I realised I was being followed by the girls who made my life a living hell last year. They were staring and whispering. Ughhh.

Luckily, later I found a certain fella I've taken a liking to. My friends were hysterically excited that after months of being a depressed and bitter fuck, I'd finally found someone who makes me really happy. They were shrieking and dancing around while I was talking to him. So embarrassing, but pretty funny... x


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